System Pics 2019


Thanks. They are Partington Broadsides. Very heavy!

They sit on Auralex Gramma pads (which I coloured black). The pads isolate the speakers from the floor so I get no vibration. They are made of dense foam stuff which absorbs vibration while still keeping the speakers in position without wobbling.



By Ikea. :flushed:


A very big step up from iPod! I’m guessing you may not be a frequent user of personal music players (I use mine - A&K Kann - pretty much every night in bed, so as not to disturb my other half), otherwise I cannot for the life of me work out how you could have forgotten owning such a lovely piece of kit!!


Hi, Timmo,

Well, when I worked offshore in the oil and gas industry, the A & K, and it’s iPod predecessor were in everyday use, usually for hours on end.

Since retiring, the iPod lives in the car, hooked into the sound system. Since everything on there was ripped in WAV, it doesn’t sound too bad, and I’ll now have to see if I can’t interface the A & K likewise, for something of an SQ boost.

Whether it’s because it hasn’t been used since I retired, or more likely the advancing years, who knows, but you’re right, imagine forgetting about it … though I prefer to think of it as a pleasant discovery this morning! :hugs:


My humble offering…


Lovely B77!:sunglasses:


Restored by a company that still services Studers
at Abbey Road. A labour of love!


Love that Revox R2R :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My portable system based around a Sony WM-1Z. Used singled ended with Shure SE846 IEMs at work and balanced via Sony MDR-Z1R headphones at home.


That side table is wonderful.


I havn’t heard the Q3 but love my SR3 Signature. I’m told that Ole K did use Naim amps when he developed the SR speaker.


I would!!!


The advantage to buy into the SR series is the possibility to upgrade.

I get a refund swooping my QR’ s as well.

What gear do you have as signalsource?


Hi James,

I currently use a Chord Mojo and Poly together with my phone because when I’m mobile I use Qobuz. Does the Sony WM-1Z allow the use of streaming service applications? I have read that some use the Android OS, and can access the Google Play store to load third party apps, like Qobuz. Is this the case with the WM-1Z? I also use Shure SE846 IEMs and Sennheiser ie800 earpods. How do you like the Shures with the Sony?


Yes please, take away this stuff and show the real costly system.


Some Sony players do run Android, such as the previous top of the range ZX2, and although it only runs 4.1, it does mean you can run Tidal, iPlayer etc. etc. as well as streaming from local storage. The new top flight players have been optimised for best sound from onboard storage, so lack this versatility.
I do recall reading somewhere that there may be a solution to this at some point, but perhaps that was somebody’s wishful thinking.


I’ve finally plucked up the courage to post a picture of my system…


The upgrade option in the SR serie is defiently very attractive.
I’m dreaming on going active with a Snaxo but doubt I will ever spent that kind of money.

I only listen to vinyl via my Rega RP8 / Aria Riaa / Ania MC cartridge
On my wish list is a Naim CD5 as well. There is around 4000 CDs in the house.


System installation Pic . Just been installing some ATC HTS7 on walll speakers with a Uniti Atom for my parents . Today was just about fitting the speaker cables before decorating . We did listen to the Atom in replace of their Unitiqute last night with their Neat Iotas and we all said WOW after 5 seconds from cold . The Atom is very very impressive and beautifully built . A quick listen to the ATC’s impressive too !


Very tasteful decor. Looks gorgeous.