System Pics 2019


Yes a Naim DAP would be great but carrying about the 555 dr needed to power it would be a bit of a pain


Thank you @CBR600. It is an excellent room acoustically too IMO, but I am biased of course :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, nice system!
Have you tried the 1038 spiked and toed in a bit?


Thank you. It’s getting a bit long-in-the-tooth now, but I love it. They’re actually 1037’s and they are spiked. As to toe-in, I’ve tried all degrees in the past (and have the back pain to prove it). I prefer them almost, but not quite, parallel. Our listening position is more than 4m away.



The toe in is in the socks…


That looks an interesting project Pete - Look forward to seeing the finished result.


Mark - The Shure’s work very well with the Sony. They were a great combination with my previous ZX2 and seem to really like to be on the end of the 1Z. As Chris mentions the 1Z lacks the ability to run the apps the ZX2 could but the 3.0 FW update enabled the USB DAC function so i think you can use it with something like an iPhone etc to provide a streaming connection. I’ve not tried this but have run the 1Z at home on the USB output of both my Melco and Roon Nucleus with very good results.


Thanks James , it’s a great project of an old barn which is ‘almost’ finished… Another month or so .


Steve, not one to give advise, but on this occasion, can I suggest an upgrade for use. I think it would be much nicer if you wore HAPPY SOCKS. They are not cheap, but really lift the whole embiance.


@CBR600 thanks for the advice. I didn’t think I needed it but Mrs AnnaLogg laughed at your comment, so maybe I was wrong :thinking:


I had noticed that socks seem to feature regularly in these photos so wondered if perhaps they were some sort of secret squirrel system tweak that I had not yet discovered so thought I would give them a try.

Alas using them with Fenchurch (my 272) all I noticed was a rather strange channel imbalance?
Perhaps the tweak was better suited to Trillian (my Qb)

Too be honest this was rather alarming and I wouldn’t recommend it - Supertramp on BBC 6 Music! Am I the only one who thinks 6 Music is slowly turning into Radio 2?



Could be, seeing as Radio 2 is changing into Radio tw@t


Uh, your socks are out of phase…:wink:


I’m not a fashion expert, but I think that having one sock inside out would be out of phase. Two different socks is like having different speakers - stand mounts in this case. Very Einsteinian.


You may be on to something there - either way, I am sure it affects the sound quality!


Only change in the last year or so is the addition of a Headline2/FlatcapXS for my new beyerdynamic Amiron’s.

Very happy chappy.


Rare snowfall here Seattle, figured I take a system pic.

2018 changes:
552 Recapped and DR’d
500 Recapped and DR’d
UnitiCore (re-ripped entire CD collection)
Chord Music Interconnects + Ethernet
Super Lumina Speaker Cable
Cisco 2960 Switch


I thought I would finally participate. It’s impossible trying to get a decent picture in my tiny bedroom but here goes.

Speaker stands and additions to the rack are outstanding.


As always, Chris, a fabulous system and even more fabulous view.


Einsteinian would be without socks… he never wore any…