System Pics 2019


A wider angle shot. Sorry, no socks…


Wow, what are those speakers?


Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.1


Gallos !! I have those too in my video room. Great speakers.


We had much less snow than that up here in Vancouver.


Wonderful system intergrated beautifully into your lovely room.


My daughter bought me some Happy Socks For Christmas, and they indeed do what they claim. :grin::grin::grin:


6-8 inches of new snow is doing a great job of dampening the outside noise.


Are you happy with the amirons?


Yes, very. Whilst I’m no use at describing what I hear as well as others are able to, I would say the Amiron’s are very detailed, not overly sharp, and weighty. The give a clarity and spaciousness that only headphones can.
I tried them directly off the 272 at first and they sounded fine, but curiosity got the better of me so I went for the headline. As you may read elsewhere, I wasn’t convinced that there was a worthwhile difference at first, but then it all became clear - literally!

The Amiron’s were very tight for quit a while, the headband that is, but after several weeks use they now sit very comfortably and I barely remember they are there.


Can’t decide on what pair to buy. thinking between the focal elaer, sennheiser 660S or these.
Using a atom and portable device I need to complement it with a portable dac /amp as well


Finally got to add a second Fraim base and rebuild it all. I had not done a rebuild and after 3 years the Fraim bits were mostly pretty loose. All got tightened up and cleaned up.

The TT isn’t quite level, so I’m probably going to just put shims under its feet, vs trying to level the entire Fraim. It’s not off by much, but it’s not perfect.


The Fraim’s quite easy to level just using the adjusters on the front feet as long as you’re not near the limits.


Thankfully with the tt all in place, my bubble level shows it perfectly level.
Can you adjust the front fraim feet without emptying it of black boxes?


Yes, I’ve adjusted a loaded Fraim a few times, my spikes go through carpet into wooden boards so settle after a bit.


My humble system. Although it’s simple, it sounds quite good.

Rega RP6 with Exact into StageLine N
MacMini with Roon into DAC V1
SuperNait 2 with HiCap DR.

Audiovector Si3 Avantgarde speakers.


This is looking like the system I want to put together.
After the kitchen is done, hopefully soon


Looks lovely and I bet it sounds just as good.


New music room, only for me:)


Looks wonderful, when are you going to invite the rest of us over for a listen…just joking?