System Pics 2019


Do you just use a spanner (wrench) to extend the legs with them fully weighted by the black boxes?


Indeed they are Kanta2’s - less anylitical then the old focal range. To me they sound like Focal is going in a better direction…


My modest setup. Running into a pair of LS50s on Partington Super Dreadnoughts. I used to have a full rack of Olive kit, but I got married and it was deemed “ugly” and unnecessary.

I’m divorced now, so every cloud and all that.


Very nice Tristan but don’t leave the display on the streamer as it will shorten it’s life.


Latest addition is the Universal arm on my Clearaudio Ovation. I have also been auditioning a gently used Dynavector XV-1s cartridge that I am likely to purchase. I think Solti/LSO Mahler 2 on Decca just sealed the deal.


The spikes on the bottom have holes for a tommy bar, supplied along with a spanner for the locknut.
Page 6 of the manual shows the detail.


Be very careful with a loaded Fraim; with such added weight it’s quite easy to blunt or bend the tips of the spikes or bore into the floor. I always do final levelling once the Fraim is built up and I ensure that the top most platform is perfectly level. Then tighten the spikes up.


It turns off after 30 seconds. The Supernait also has the display lights off most of the time. That was just for the picture :wink:


Nice to see another woofer in the picture :heart_eyes:


Anytime you want, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, bring your pool shorts as well, it is 29C :slight_smile:


Dec. 2008 system



May 2009 System


Bet they will sound wonderful of all the brands I’ve tried with Naim Dynaudio just sound so right. The bass is so lifelike the acoustic double bass especially sounds just right though each Dynaudio I’ve owned.


What a terrible view bet you keep the shutters down. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Beautiful view Chris


I’m confused. Are you referring to my picture or something else. If the former did you notice something you consider dodgy in the Fraim setup?


No @Richard.Dane was replying to my question about leveling a Fraim when it’s fully loaded with black boxes.


Got it. I used Richard’s playbook when I built mine. It’s solid, level, and even.


Dont know if you like other Decca recordings but over on the special offer thread, Qobuz have a box set of Decca recordings called The Decca Sound going cheap - see Music On Special Offer (its a link though its not obvious) for more details