System Pics 2020

The speakers are sounding fab; vastly better (as they should be!) than the Contour 20s they replaced. The bass depth and quality is incredible, as is the midrange. They’ve not yet had 100 hours so still a bit of a rollercoaster. I had to wait a long time for the midnight gloss finish but I think it was worth it.

I’ve spent most of today switching between my Hi-line and a borrowed Superlumina IC to see if it’s worth the money. Sadly, it’s MUCH better but I’m going to wait and let everything settle down before making any more upgrades.


Thanks for the response. Enjoy the gorgeous speakers and give them a chance to break in before making any changes.


Oh dear, hope it’s all back to normal now, Ken. I had a similar situation a while ago and it can be quite stressful. I was recommended to use some of this stuff to keep the system (heating) running smooth. Apologies for the thread highjack.

Thanks Tony. I think the engineer applied this, so hopefully all is well on that score. I haven’t reset the speakers up yet. I was too tired when the heating engineer left. In any case I’m thinking that perhaps this may be a good time to reset the whole systems – fraims etc., but I haven’t made up my mind yet on this – not sure at my age whether I will manage so may have to call a dealer round! :frowning:

So, painfully, no music in my office for sometime…



Ahh spent more hours sitting at a KM machine getting high off the fumes than I care to admit.

‘Fumes’ I presume from alcohol based fluids?
Yes, I would of use a MkII machine in the past, but not had that ability after moving to Ireland 20-years ago, as that machine was a mate’s, based in Manchester, rescued from Aston Audio and then restored back to operation

Cleaning fluids are now all water based - check out an earlier topic on the subject Record Cleaning fluid

You bet. Mid 90’s it was all alcohol based and as the most junior member of staff in the shop, working through stacks of vinyl customers brought in to clean fell to me.

Of course there was always the 15 mins of trying to get the pump working at the start if every batch. Fun times.

I’d have pushed the machine out the window if I could :grinning:

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This one works first time. The only issue had so far is a thread blockage in the tube inside the arm (I haven’t replaced this, as Jonathan Monks doesn’t know how to!) but got it sorted.

This is my system after just going SNAXO active


Hi @DiggyGun, interesting configuration you have there. Can you please list your equipment?

Obviously you have a limit on space, but I wouldn’t advise putting anything directly on top of a preamp. Do you plan to re-order your stack or make changes in the future?

Do I spy a couple of nSat brackets there Ken?

Lovely room and impressive system @drlaj :sunglasses:

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Lovely system, defo not great having stuff on the preamp. Ideally need a 2nd stack depending on space. Never easy!

Hi DiggyGun,
Ooh, a system for a passionate music lover!
Are you using a Simrak support for your electronics?

Best regards, BF

Just got my first Naim speakers, a mint pair of SL2s in cherry finish. I’ve had them on the system for just over a day and I’ve noticed a big improvement over my ATC 19s - bigger sound stage, just more of everything. Sounding great in passive mode with 552DR/300DR. I just need to source some covers.


Congrats @bongoman!

Were those the ones for sale in Nottingham on EBay recently?

TomTom supply excellent SL2 grills if you are interested in getting some.


My dealer just got a set of covers from Tomtom audio who have them made for them. They opened the package while i was there, not cheap…but they were just perfect, treat yourself


They were indeed.

Thanks for the tip @DaveEngland @Gazza - I’ll get in touch with Tom Tom :+1:t3:

I’m also curious about the 30.2. I have the SHL5 Plus today but a bit too big for my room I think. Could you elaborate more about the main differences between them?

Also, what amp do use for them?

Tomtom audio is where I sourced mine from as replacements for the originals which started to perish. Not cheap but then neither are SL2s which you can’t get replacements for!

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