System Pics 2020

What happened there? Big change!

You might be able to settle the NDX2/XPS DR/SN2(3) v NDX2/282/250 debate…

It’s to early for me to give any real opinion yet Mike but one thing I will say is the soundstage and dynamics are huge in comparison to the Supernait2! It is excatly like @anon4489532 says, that the speakers grow in size. It’s a huge open wall of sound and completely off of the speakers. It’s up and down like a fiddlers elbow at the moment tho however.
Much tighter deeper bass also!

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Finally added 555PS DR to 272/250DR.
Will take a better picture soon :grinning:


Did you have a PS before?

And it sounds?

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Those SL2s work rather well with the feature wall colours :+1:

No, this is my first PSU

Don’t know yet, music seems much more spatial now. Installed it yesterday so no real listening sessions yet, but first impression is very positive.

That should make a huge difference, happy days. :+1:

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Should be for that kind of money! :open_mouth:


And with your photo, my OCD kicks in:
you should align the system, dear sir.
(and join a little more. or buy more boxes for filling the gaps?)


You normally don’t see it.


Yes! You are absolutely right, it is a pre-loved one, but still.

Hahahah. The diference that a photo makes.
Indeed , its fine like that. :+1:

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Hi, what Rega deck is that? I don’t recognise that platter but it looks great.


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252 ? Need to update profile…?? :grin:

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How’s it all sounding Graeme?

Mumbo jumbo.


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