System Pics 2020

The 282 didn’t last long :grin:

…after the SCDR arrived. Just in time for an excellent local 252 needing ‘rehomed’.



Robbie Ritchie doing you a solid?


Not this time. A ‘Capital’ sale.


You’re running my system now except my front end is LP12. I love the combo with the PMC’s. Even though they are an 8 ohm speaker, they like the 250DR. 282/250 was a a huge jump from my supernait 1, which did a great job for me for 10 years, with dynaudio. I love the bass delivery of the PMC brand.



Hi Scott

Yes it’s a great upgrade over the Supernait2 and can’t really be compared with it at all now in my opinion.
I am in the annoying burn in phase now so things are dramatically up and down. One minute the dynamics and soundstage is huge and the next it’s closed in and sounds very compressed. Still, all part of the fun! Yes the PMC’s are wonderful and that dedicated mid driver produces some amount of magic.


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And should not be.

I have followed this forum for many years before I even joined it, probably around the time the original Hugo came out. You had a similar system to mine at the time (SN2,Hugo). Were you not at the 252/ 300 level once before? Maybe you just had the wrong speakers at the time, that made you downgrade and upgrade again? Looks like the Little Proac’s are the keepers then.

Good question, and one I guess that will apply to a lot of us.

There’s no one simple answer. Having three young kids growing up shifted financial and other priorities around I guess. Staring at an eight box system tying up thousands when holidays, car, education etc etc are weighing does feel uncomfortable.

We’re through that phase largely and in a more fortunate mortgage free space & with actual savings for the first time ever - The nagging guilt that I was being selfish has gone.

What you point at with the speaker issue is, for me, absolutely spot-on. If I were to say anything about getting ‘back’ to this level it would be that I’m amazed at the capability of the Tablettte 10 to literally ‘grow’ with the upgrades. They are a musical delight.

I could mumbo jumbo, but I’ll hold off…I’ll resurrect ‘blimey’ instead.



A little addition to the media room, a Totem Storm sub running off the Nova, it’s killing it :sunglasses::sunglasses::clap:


You’re going to have to invest in a Fraim. :scream:

I reckon I could squeeze in a shoe-box muscle power amp yet where that wooden block is and after I swap the switch out for the smaller EE8. Mrs Mike has ruled out Fraims - upstairs and downstairs…saving me loads of money :sunglasses::sunglasses::+1:

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What are your thoughts about your Forest Signatures vs Hawks + Storm sub?

I’ve always wondered if it’s better to go with 2 good speakers only or get a sub as well.
Unluckily I’ve never tested any Totem sub, I bet yours sounds great!

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Well you may have to empty your draws if you keep going.


What’s that, a NAP100!? :joy:

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Funnily enough, I had a NAP100 and traded it in for the SN2. Thinking of non-Naim power amp, but I think the sub does what is needed for this set up.

Different rooms and systems, so a little difficult to compare. But the Storm with the Hawks in the smaller media room adds a lot more than I was expecting. I thought it would be more bass and control of the bottom end, but it’s doing much more - giving significantly more solid presentation through the full harmonic range and a wider soundstage - both of which I wasn’t expecting, so well chuffed. It seems that giving more control on the lower end impacts on the full dynamics of the system.

The Forest Signatures are too big for the media room and are in the lounge, They are very capable at the lower end - it will be fun to try the Storm there when Mrs Mike is out (she had already said - no sub in our lounge!).

I’m not sure that answers your question - it’s the same old room, system, speaker matching dilemma, but my sense is that adding a sub can significantly improve a system without a main box change, so well worth considering.


Thanks for your reply @Mike_S

In the future I will consider upgrading my Sky Towers therefore I already have this big dilemma. I might consider your same sub or get the Forests.

I mainly listen to music, therefore I wonder if a sub is really worth it. However they told me that the Storm is pretty musical, would you agree?
I like a powerful bass, but I surely prefer control and precision (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought Totem speakers in the first place, I guess). I enjoy an articulate bass rather than a loud one.

Do you think that your Forest Signatures go deep down as much as the Storm? Did you notice any drawbacks in the sound presentation? What about the sub positioning?

By the way I will need to experience the Storm sooner or later!

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I’ll start a thread for us to discuss them :sunglasses:

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Latest update is a second 555 psu for the ND555. I might try swapping the ND555 with the 552 preamp in time, though i tried before and could not tell the difference. Uniti Core which was on stack 2 or brawn, now moved elsewhere in the room connected to a HP pro 408 switch…and works just fine from there.