System Pics 2021

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. I could not be more pleased with the beautiful noise filling my room. The detail, the imaging, the soundstage, the punch and decay…I could go on and on. I really don’t have the words. anyone who is in the NY area is welcome to come by. I love sharing great music and fine drams with those who have a passion for it. I’m on Long Island. If you want my contact info, let me know and Richard Dane will help to facilitate.


The coloured Muso grilles are an extra attraction to what’s already a hugely SWMBO-friendly product.

I even let her chose the colours on ours. As long as it was peacock, obviously.


Thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely add these to my exploratory list.

Awesome to hear Mitch! What a lovely system and that collection of listening fluids :flushed: enjoy!! I’m patiently waiting for my amplifier to arrive so I can hear my 202/200 combination with Dynaudio c30 speakers. I have a kegerator for my listening fluid yuengling is my choice beverage :grin:.
Thanks for sharing! Once I get my amp I’ll share pictures


The review on your Omega’s look quite good. Have you looked at or heard the Zu Omens in comparison?

I’ve not heard the Zu’s but there is a review floating around that compares a Zu standmount to an Omega standmount with high praise for the Omegas.

One thing I liked about the Omega floostanders is they are very shallow and are able to go as close as 6" to a rear wall. A lot of horn designs require acres of space behind them. Especially Decware horns which are all rear firing.

I have a writeup on them on another thread here: Naim/PMC to Luxman Neo Classico II/Omega


Thank you. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer for the arrival of your amp.

Two thumbs up on the kegerator. I’ve always wanted one. when it comes to Yuengling, I like their Black and Tan. It’s not quite up to the Guiness/Bass standard but it will do.

Nice write up. I actually have the Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversaries in my main Naim setup. I felt the Naim system has more technical precision and attack. The Cayin listening through Grado RS1’s has beautiful vocals and its smooth and melodic. I truly like them both. But very different sounds. My tube system is still in storage in Hong Kong. Listening to this amp reminds me how great tubes can sound. Even more amazing - all coming from 8 watts. Soon my living room is going to look like a hi fi shop…

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I hope you enjoyed your first days of listening with the new equipment

Cheers Mitch :tumbler_glass:

Whoa! Slightly gobsmacked… Those speakers… :star_struck:

Current office system… suspect it’s all staying! Full trialing will take place next week. These Kef seem extremely good with the DAC-V1. Not too big a footprint for the desk…


They look super. I’ve been wondering about these for the conservatory when my Bose Lifestyle finally gives up the ghost, which may be a while.

They can run be a Roon endpoint so for me the extra stuff would be unnecessary.

Please keep us posted how they fare.

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Will do… I had a brief play with them using Roon directly and initially the performance without the DAC was very different. Sound stage and general SQ markedly not as good. I am going to trial at some stage using the wired connection from the Bluesound to the speakers. That could be interesting.


loved that club in my student days

House to myself for the first time in 3 months. Taken the centre speaker out and given the Uniti a space of its own. Grills off the speakers and playing some Lacuna Coil.
Happy days :grin:

No where as much detail as the NDS/V281/Empyreans, but hugely fun anyway.


I think it sounds even better with 3.6.0… the bass :+1:


Yes, in looking at Mitch’s system photo, I wonder if I’ve been allocating too little of my audio/vinyl spend to listening fluids. :wink:

@Mitch, looked at your speakers. Coupled with the statement, you seem to have no (or zero) lack of dynamic headroom!

I’m rarely at a loss for words…so, um…keep UP the good work!?

Very nice Mitch. I think you’re ready for another upgrade now though.:wink: No idea where you’d go from where you are though. That’s real end game levels. :sunglasses::ok_hand:t5::+1:t5:

I certainly hope so!!! ND555??? nah…

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