System Pics 2022

That should get your baubles swinging. :ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:

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Very festive- looks fab.

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Chord DAC’s can be polarizing and are system dependent in my experience. I hated the Qutest with my ND5XS2 when I had the 282. I then moved on to the NDX2/XPSDR with the 282 which was excellemy.

However, the NDX2/XPSDR was in my experience too polite and a bit boring when I upgraded to the 252. I found the bare NDX2 better.

I took a flyer on the HugoTT since it was cheap and I figured if I didn’t like it I could sell without a big loss… I am a bit shocked how good this combo works. It adds more resolution, tonality and depth without killing the PRAT, organic sound, cohesiveness and verve that Naim gear excels in.

I would try one if you can because in some Naim systems the Chord DAC’s can sound thin, forward and lack cohesion. It’s like the music is pulled apart and sounds clinical.


Need to find a decent one in Black :+1:t2:

Great room. :ok_hand:

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Some tweaks in my System with Silent Angel Bonn N8 Switch, Furutech e-TP60e NCF Power Distributor and Power Cable and IFI IPower X. And a wonderful Sunday with preparing for Christmas and a nice view from our house to the snow landscape in Switzerland.


Definitely the last change for the year…

LP12 on spinning duty. Nothing fancy spec wise - it’s an old 80’s spec with Aformosia Fluted plinth, an Ittok and Troika) and It has some sort of carbon sub chassis and an off board Hercules 2 power supply and a trampolin2 fitted. Could do with a bit of love cosmetically but is otherwise sound. It sounds pretty good too - it’s very different to my P8 though which is getting boxed up as our newish kitten has taken a shine to it :joy:


There’s a forest in front of the left speaker, does it affect sq?

Not much actually.

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An addition to the Xmas theme……


Your system looks awesome. Love the Olive and the Ovators. Have you considered an NDX2 and a hard drive like the Core, instead of HDX?


This is right up my cup of tea.
Simple set up with a lovely MCM cabinet and quality components. Looks and sounds great - so much easier on the eye than a hifi rack imho.
Nice one @KiwiMarra


At last !!! An Acutus!!!

Christmas & Naim…


It’s difficult to say which lights are more attractive :wink:

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Thanks for your kind comments @Dan_M
I have toyed with adding a streamer (but no immediate plans), and I’ve exhausted most of my CD ripping needs so the HDX will probably stay.
My office system covers my vinyl “fix”, so plenty of enjoyable listening options


If the HDX is doing everything you need and streams your CD collection then that is fantastic. Great system and dissimilar to my own although yours is mainly Olive, I have mix of Olive , CB and classic in one system.

The vinyl system is fantastic too.


And here we are in newly slimmed down number of boxes reduced mode :smiley:


Your new S1 matches the 808s form factor :sunglasses:


Yep fully agree, timeless