System Pics 2022

Do those plateaus helpSQ ? Or mainly for safety? Looks nice and I am thinking about this as well

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A new addition, a Linn Majik LP12 in oak, set up by Andrew of True Path Audio down here in Devon.


That looks very fine indeed. Has it got a Trampolin?

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They are just for sound quality, not for safety. Especially the Ansuz Darkz resonance control system under the amplifier works wonders.

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It doesn’t, although Andrew said it may be worth upgrading to one as my floors are suspended and there is a definite bounce.

I so wanted to do a trampoline joke but stopped myself.

Hi @Sharney
Your new Majik looks lush on that shelving unit. I hope you enjoy it. I can highly recommend a Trampoline - while a dedicated wall shelf will improve the sound significantly.
Tricky things suspended floorboards…
And you should definitely do the trampoline joke.



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Tis a thing of beauty! Naim’s best era imo.


Had this pickup in a drawer for years. Installed it now. Plays rather nice.


I was beginning to think I was the only one still using the Soundstyle rack.
Nice to see another one (or two)!

Brilliant cartridge for the money. It performs way beyond its price in an Aro on an Armageddon Sondek.


Thanks, the joke was terrible so I won’t inflict you all with it.

I will definitively be getting a trampoline, there was one going for a good price last week, I should have jumped on the offer.

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I’m sure the dealer won’t bounce you back.

Au revoir Rega and NAT02, bonjour neat and tidy minimalist setup. A couple of holes to fill and all will be well.


What! Your love for that TT and tuner was infectious.

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Didn’t see that coming. What happened?


TBH, it did look a bit fugly with the TT shelf stuck on the wall…much better now…

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Looks like a nice Mathmos bubble lava lamp. I have one in orange. Excellent quality.

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Wow HH!!
Thought you were loving your P10 and vinyl?
I am more than a little curious to see where this is leading…!

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