System Pics 2023

A friend has just bought some 7’s , what are your Speaker stands pls ?

Dynaudio stand 10… not cheap but really good.

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Thank you.

They are very attractive, in so far as a stand can be attractive. I see they are aluminium, so they must be really light. That’s good for some speakers and less good for others of course. The cable management is a nice feature, which I have on my PMC stands as well. With thin cables it’s possible to exit the cable beneath the floor plate, which is nice and tidy.


I took a series of pictures in March 23 having a new amp and rack, changed my phone and forgot what I did with the SD card.
Today I did a clean of the new phone and this picture appeared.

The empty space was because my CD player was away for repair.


That’s very deep coloured plinth on the LP12 (with those crazy rubber stops on either side of the smoked lid). Is that what Linn used to call ‘rosenut’?

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Just moved to a new place. Installed the Naim gear on a Norstone Spider rack. Currently working with Kef LS50 but will be placing the mighty Focal Sopra 2’s later. Probably a bit much for the room but the heart wants what the heart wants.


Is that a Rega turntable?

No a Pro-Ject debut carbon evo.

Thanks for that.

You have an interesting view outside your window.

That’s MY country!

Proper bicycle lanes :slight_smile:


Yes with no filling they are light but the base is heavy so offers stability… they have a central cavity with a bag in which I have filled to 2/3 with attabites… now they are heavy!

The lid, outer platter and hinge mounts are from my 1978 LP12.
The plinth is 2019 cherry and is actually darker in real life. It is cheap phone camera and I had to lighten the picture to show shadow detail. The reality is that the speakers are the same colour and the B grade Atacama rack is digestive biscuit brown. The cats pillow that sits on the arm of a chair is actually aubergine!

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How strange that I didn’t recognise your cherry plinth, as I have a brand new LP12 with a Simon Price cherrywood plinth installed a couple of months ago by Peter Swain of Cymbiosis!

Mine is Linn cherry from Peter. It is a wood that can vary a lot in colour and tends to darken with age.
My Graham Audio LS5/9s have their grills kept on and have their backs to the window, yet if you take the grills off the darkening is clear.


Where is that? (If you don’t mind saying.)

You’d be absolutely horrified by what pass for bike lanes in the US. In most places they paint a line at the edge of the road and from there you rely on it’s magical properties to prevent you being flattened by an inattentive driver.


Just wondering. Your project, how quiet is it when turning but not playing?
For example can you hear the motor running through the speakers? And switching from 33 to 45 rpm. I seem to hear mine.

System Pics continues into 2024, here;