System Pics 2023

Somehow I can’t shake the feeling that you are making fun of my office chair.


Greetings to all with a first system picture post as a new Naim owner, excited to step in to the Naim world. I just moved so it’s not too tidy yet, there will some more adjustments to this setup in the coming weeks.


Not a bad place to start either :+1:t2:


Not bad at all :wink:

Dynaudio Confidence 20 or?

Naim and Dynaudio - match made in heaven👍🏻


Confidence 20. Well for another few days.

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We have new speaker leads, and more significantly a new fireplace. And a bit of painting and skirting fixing to do.


Been on a bit of an earphone system rabbit hole decent over the past few months and now happy. This sounds out of this world. It might cost a bit to build a dedicated earphone system, but the detail is truly out of this world. I listen to this more than my main system and it might not have the drama, but I’ve NEVER heard a speaker based system that can get near in terms of detail, separation and accuracy, even in listening rooms and shows.


And a new lamp…


You all have such neat and tidy rooms, I almost feel ashamed of how messy my room is … almost! My system is a work in progress housed in my 20’ x 20’ home office.

Pictured, but hard to make out, are a Nait 2, a Hegel H390, Musical Fidelity 550k Superchargers and a Uniti Nova. Speakers are Spatial X3s, PMC Fact 3s and Active LS50 Metas.

As much as I love the Nova, or rather because I love the Nova so much, it’s likely to be replaced by NSC222 and 250.3 in the near future. The match with the Spatials is breathtaking.


Careful it can easily get out of hand :rofl:


I see you have lost the cable service tube behind the new fireplace hence the longer lengths of Kudos speaker cables required.

Looks very nice, warm and inviting.

Could you tell us what all the ‘bits’ are please ?
Looks great

Experienced the Confidence 20 more as an analysis instrument for sound than a well-playing musical speaker when I had them at home for testing a while ago, definitely not my cup of tea. What will you switch to?

Added a Hicap DR with powerline to my Supernait 2 with ND5XS2.


Hi @Bjorn, I’ll be switching to floorstanders in the Confidence range, Confidence30. It’ll be interesting to hear how they will work with the NC250x3 spread. I’d say stack but I placed them side by side so I’ll call it Naim Spread :slight_smile:
I guess your experience with C20 is proof we all have different expectations in this fun sport we do. C20s have a level of transparency that needs careful matching with source, amp, and cabling and some labor on positioning. They are exceptionally rewarding when the synergy is there.


The “hifi bits” or “desk crap bits”? The hifi bits I’ve ended up with for listening is Mac M Ultra >> Topping D90SE >> Ferrum Orr, Hypsos Power Supply >> Silly cable collection ( choice of Silver, copper etc. Most used are the Cosmic cable pure silver custom weave) >>Hifiman Susvara (these are the best earphones - they destroy the Focal Utopia and better the Audeze LCD5) // Focal Clear Mg (for casual listening when working etc). Usual isolation feet etc.

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Went to the shop of the company that will do the work this morning. Looks like we will start in September and hopefully it will not take too long to complete. Once ready the main system can be installed in the new room

Finally the SL2s will have a room that truely deserves them

Welcome to the forum as new Naim owner. It´s a very nice system and I think the new 200 Series sounds wonderful with the Dynaudio‘s. Thanks for sharing and Enjoy!

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