System Pics 2023

What a lovely space. So clean and peaceful looking and a lovely system as well.

Fabulous system pic.

First, you wouldn’t really want much more in a system. Great choices. Great synergy.

Second, love your space.
Bit like @1GiantLeap, prefer using functional furniture, (instead of racks). Well done for using that lovely sideboard, which is fabulous.
(And I’m a big fan of white everywhere).

Thanks for sharing…

Best wishes

p.s. what have you done, just out of picture, either side ?
Just curious - Is that some form of room correction / absorption ?


Almost a year…still rocking this setup nicely. Spoiled by AIO setup.


Nice setup and nice pics!

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Hey…thanks man. Happy weekend.

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I guess photography is a hobby for you isn’t it?

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Sometimes…just that I bought a new phone… thought of snapping a few to share my update though.

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In the small room,the main problem is the strong reflected sound.and I also should Make a concessions for “Wife Acceptance Factor”.
In the front corner,I use 4 hofa basstraps,one stack one on eachside.
Behind the sofa,I use 4 Primacoustic’s high-performance Broadway sound absorption panels (120607cm).
One side is Glazing window,I use HunterDouglas Duette Honeycomb Shades(NRC=0.6)
On the other side are the dining table and the kitchen,so I can do nothing.
The ceiling is covered with Daiken sound-absorbing panels (NRC=0.51) from japan.
IMO,the acoustic condition is not good,so just enjoy music.:grimacing:


Isn’t it the most important thing enjoying your music! :+1:t2:

Wow, now I’m even more impressed you’ve gone to those additional lengths.

Thanks for this second picture and your notes.
Appreciating how partners feel about such things, I still think that looks a cool space.

Personally, I like the minimal, uncluttered idea.
And love the mid century chairs (and the sideboard).
Again, lots of white too.

Thanks again, for sharing your room and some insight to what you’ve done.
It’s all interesting (to others, like me)

Best wishes


ahem carpet ahem


Looks great but I imagine a big hole in the soundstage and an emphasised brightness.
Lovely and minimalist setup though.

It is better to light a candle than sit and curse the darkness.



Ooops, I did it again


Interesting first track selection :wink:

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Well I demoed the Anniversary 50 and my personal choice in my room with my speakers is that. I preferred the A21 SE.

Has anybody tried the Sugden IA-4 compared to the A21 SE?

Sound asleep


Nice play on words :+1:

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Update on this my mate that was auditioning both the Sugden Amps was happy in the choice of the Anniversary 50 and after a phone call with the dealer he ordered the amp.
He got a call back and was told unknown to them and indeed the Sugden website his choice of colour was no longer available so is now in limbo.
When he ordered it in the website still had his choice on the wheel “silver “ but when the dealer called to order it the colour it disappeared from the website.
Only available in Titanium or Black he requested Silver then in a custom colour and was refused.
He’s not amused. :roll_eyes:

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Is your plinth from somewhere other than Linn? (Too much grain on show.)

And with a Linn tonearm of some sort and an Audio Technica cartridge?