System Pics 2023

Thanks… there have been some “wow” moments already, but I’m thinking a few more are coming as they all bed in. I’ve just got to sit back and enjoy the music now.


Hi @Neil0001 indeed they are on Isoacoustics Gaias. I found the Gaias fantastic in my system. The Proacs are capable of prodigious and fast bass, but they sit on an old 1930s suspended floor which is not ideal. The Gaias really cleaned up the bass and the sound staging, thoroughly recommended. Paul


Hi @Dan_M , thank you, the floor is fairly recent, 3 years old and is an engineered wood which sits on the original 1930s suspended floor. Fairly sure it was glued, which has probably stiffened up the floor a tad, a good thing. Best, Paul

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Hi Paul, Thanks for the info. My ProAcs are sat on a carpeted suspended wooden floor over an open foundation. I’ve currently got them sat on Naim spike cups on a granite chopping board! I’d wondered about the gaias instead of the spikes, and you’ve now really got me thinking. Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

That looks great!

In respect for Dan and anyone else suffering from an awful illness, here is my current main system configuration. The Piegas are warming up nicely after not doing anything for a good few months.


Big Piege fan here. Used to have a pair of TP5. The ribbon tweeter is just sweet. Enjoy.

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Thanks Alex,
Your system looks great. I like the speakers and various isolation plinths!


James and I recently finished the second 15 inch driver module of the OB system. Not as big a difference as adding the first but the relaxed power in the bass has gone up several notches. They really excel at making drums and instruments such as bass guitar ‘real’ and palpable. While everything else is being driven in stereo these are being driven in parallel (mono) as a 4 ohm load below 90hz. This system has some serious scale but is also very relaxed to listen to. For scale the TV is a 65 inch model.


Many thanks Dan - hope for all the best for you.
The isolation bits are all home made (except the IKEA bits) and really do help isolate/improve the sound.

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From audio show i’Ear in Tilburg.


Haven’t posted for a while…

Replaced my 272 with a 252 and NDX 2, this will probably be it for quite some time.


Lovely set up Praggers :+1:

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Lovely setup. Great to see your tv on the wall too.
Also love the plants either side of your Focals. Are they real or artificial?


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Gorgous looking set-up.

Is that an A/V amp on the bottom shelf? Do you have surround speakers?

They are real, I’m pretty sure they are Zanzibar Gems. I only need to take them out to water them every few months.

Thanks PJL, the AV amp is currently only used for my outdoor speakers.
I used to have a surround sound set up but the center speaker made way for the 252 and NDX. I don’t really watch much tv anymore more so it won’t be greatly missed.
If I did go down that path again I’d probably go inwall speakers for center and rear.

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Ahhh those racks look great! It’s like a nice looking version of the Fraim.


These simracks look sooo good!


After only 2 weeks my new shelf arrived from Hifi racks, they quoted 6-8 weeks lead time when I ordered so nice one. This was for the Supercap that powers my Prefix which has been sat to one side for the last few weeks. I have just today re-arranged both racks by moving them to the left away from the speakers and swapping the IKEA unit to that corner. After about 2 hours here is the result.

Room actually feels bigger now and racks now sit at the same height which looks better.