System Pics 2023

Ahhh those racks look great! It’s like a nice looking version of the Fraim.


These simracks look sooo good!


After only 2 weeks my new shelf arrived from Hifi racks, they quoted 6-8 weeks lead time when I ordered so nice one. This was for the Supercap that powers my Prefix which has been sat to one side for the last few weeks. I have just today re-arranged both racks by moving them to the left away from the speakers and swapping the IKEA unit to that corner. After about 2 hours here is the result.

Room actually feels bigger now and racks now sit at the same height which looks better.


Keilidh’s on song Paul?
That is a lovely setup you have there sir :blush:

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They certainly are. :+1:. Feels like my work is done here now.


I absolutely know that feeling😊

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Incredibly naimless main system here, but at least the chord units has external power supplies…


Really nice rack :+1:


id be worried about the dust that collects and being clonked by a careless hoover user!

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The NAC 332 has been here for 2 months now, and it continues to surprise and delight whenever in use. My music buddy Adrian heard the new preamp for the first time last Saturday, and was amazed at the clarity, high quality sound and sheer musicality from many familiar and a few unfamiliar discs.

This is a superb naim preamplifier, and I am very happy I waited several years for it to be released!


CD555 back in situ/pride of place after it’s service. LP12 in operation playing Japanese vinyl.


Looks wonderful @Paul52135. I would swap the shelving over so you have a medium sized shelf for 52 to sit on. Will help with symmetry and give the 52 more head space.

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Yeah, one reason it’s where it is is to give it some more distance from the PS but the other reason is that the Hifiracks racks don’t have the cups on the top tier to accept spikes so they are not interchangeable with mid tier shelves. I think it gives the setup a kind of jaunty step up to the right effect which works quite well for me. Anyway they’ll be replaced with Fraims when I eventually go full 500 system wont they :joy: :joy::joy:

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You can leave the 500 for another day Paul. All looking great. I have all my boxes as close to the front as possible. Was some advice on here that I took. So level with the glass.

The Fraim even used costs a fortune. I reckon I have spent £7000 on mine with 3 base units and an additional 11 shelves. 4 Fraimlite, 7 Fraim, but have bought glass, cups and balls for all Fraimlite. But it is worth it.

Are you seriously considering Fraim? I think what you have looks really good.


New equipment in the living room: the Audio Analogue AADac. The sound is absolutely gorgeous. This DAC is lifting my NDX2 to a new level, really. I am blown away by its sonic, three-dimensional qualities.


Sounded very nice!

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I love the Hifiracks Podiums so they are definitely staying. Fraim and 500 series are just a daydream really. Focus now is on catching up on my vinyl collection and adding a few artist discographies.


I would leave it as it is if you can the 500 series will be never ending. Your speakers won’t work as well either. You’ll end up changing the lot. Biggest improvement I have made was the speakers. And now to be honest I could do with more power to drive them. But am not in any position right now to do anything about my system. And that’s probably a good thing.


Indeed, I appreciated the show as well :ok_hand:.
I had a very interesting discussion with Mr Mark Raggett from Naim audio :slightly_smiling_face:. We should be able to listen to Hi-res Tidal from the beginning of next year.


Cant remember my last status here, but this is my current setups, main in the loft and the Nait in our livingroom. They are really enjoyable, I have lowered my shoulders and just "playing" with assessories right now. My Bauer turntable is upgraded to a DPS 2 and Im only waiting for an new armlift`, then a polish for the armboard before use.