System Pics 2024

As we enter 2024, I’m delighted with my slimmed down setup of Naim Uniti Nova and a pair of PMC twenty5.21i speakers. All the very best for the new year to all.


I’ll wait until 2024 :partying_face: :+1:t2:


The other side of the world needs to hold up a while, let us catch up! :partying_face:


Nice room and elegantly simple system. Great book choice, but not sure about the socks!

Only new purchase this year is second 555dr ps for my nd555. Worthwhile upgrade.

Happy New Year to all

Ps. Speakers are dead level. Camera angle etc.


Very early on 4 November our house took a direct lightning strike. The resulting power surge took out the active system I’ve had for many years, last pictured here in January 2020. Pre and power amps, power supplies, NAT 01, all four drivers in my SBLs and much else. Snaxo 242, Superline and Armageddon escaped unscathed.

Basically everything with an ethernet or antenna socket and the network switches they were attached to was destroyed. Every computer in the house plus an OLED TV, the Sonos amp connected to it, split system aircon and too much else to mention. The place reeked of burnt electronics.

I’ve since been working with my insurance company, who I must say could not be more helpful, and Harry York of Audio Genesis in Sydney, who I’ve dealt with for many years. Fortunately I bought a pair of SBL tweeters from Falcon Acoustics as spares in the fomo sale last year and Harry, bless him, came up with an SBL bass driver kit which contained not only a new pair of drivers but a gasket set and replacement bolts. I have the passive crossovers, sitting in a box unused since 1995.

So far as the amps are concerned, I doubt I’ll go active again and would have been happy with a Uniti Nova but Harry suggested that, as I had a repairable 250.2, a NSC 222 would be a better option, and that’s where I’ve landed.

I’m very happy with it, sounds great on Qobuz and local files and not planning to change anything.


Sorry to hear the damage from lightning strike but congratulations for your new simple system. I’m sure you will enjoy it not less than before. Wish you all the best in this new year.


Great room vibe.

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Thanks Bandit and feeling_zen


That was a suckfull event, but glad it’s been worked through. Nice to read of another “Harry” fan, he seems to be a bit of a legend.

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Now the Xmas decks are down…
Simple but effective


Blimey! New system looks great though baz.

Looking good Phil and nice work with hiding your cables!

What stands are your ATC’s on? I’m considering an Atom and ATC 11’s.


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Thanks Gary! Stands are dynaudio stand 10, about £300 and they are fillable and have internal cable tube.

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Swapped the Ninka’s to the Cabin and the Keilidh’s to the media room to start the new year.
A very short listen suggests this could be good. Will definitely need to adjust the Rel a tiny bit to match the Ninka’s though🤔


Thanks Stuart, I’m very grateful to have it.

One new acquisition for me from 2023. The Sonus Faber Electa Amator III.


I really like your two Linn sets. Very refined but sober aesthetics. When form follows function, objects are obtained that are out of time and out of fashion. Another Linn classic.

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I’m not surprised that you might want to adjust your subwoofers for the Ninkas. Passive Ninkas don’t go all that low at 50Hz, compared to 38Hz when active. Gaia feet made a big difference to mine but I think I might spot some of those already on yours.