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Gentlemen . . . the call of the wild was louder than me. I’ve wanted them for too long, Thursday I decided to buy the Totem Tribe Towers.
I have had the opportunity to listen to these speakers on several occasions in the last year. . . .and I’ve always fallen in love with it.
Out of my league, I always told myself. Of course they cost a lot! . . . but they sound scary, in the most improbable positions of the room and they are beautiful too.
However, I have some criticisms to make, for the money requested they could put a speaker connection tray and 4 slightly more technical support feet.
Of course, there are also WBT speakers with the connection, but in Italy the list price rises by a further 1000 euros. Instead for the 4 support feet I already have my beloved Sound care Superspikes in order!

I can’t wait for my new ‘playmates’ to arrive. . . . I want to see the Supernait 2 and hicap dr sweat like I’ve never seen before… I want to enjoy new sounds with my Tribe Towers.

I decided to buy them in the satin black color. I actually like the white version better, but I’m afraid the color may turn yellow over time, as I’ve seen in so many satin finish speakers…

…I said goodbye for the last time to my Tablette 10 Signature…on the other hand I’ve never heard them play so well coupled with the bricasti M15!
Mamma mia but these ProAcs are scary !!! I’m another speaker with the right ‘beer’ in his body!
Bricasti is my new secret dream !!! I think it will always be.

Now I want to enjoy this long waiting time for my Totem Tribe Tower. At least one month before they arrive in Italy…

I feel like a child waiting for Santa Claus with sweets and hot milk…

What a show !


Have fun, Totem are great speakers and pair nicely with Naim. What’s the rest of your setup?

My chain is as follows: CXN v2, Hicap dr, Supernait 2, Neutral Cable power and signal cables, Qed Revelation sig power cables. Music Tool Alica coffee table. I have tried several times to post a photo of my room, in vain. Another important thing in my opinion is a single star-wired power strip of the 4-slot System & Magic and their own anti-current ‘filter’ which is called ‘‘Zero’’ before the power strip. No room treatment even if I think it is one of the most important topics of our hobby … and some paintings.

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