Posting photos


Where does one find instructions on posting photos?

Could "how to post pictures" etc be put on FAQ

Open the reply box, click on (touch) the ‘Upload’ (landscape icon) & insert a .jpg file from either your device (computer) or the web


Or use the same box in the bottom R corner…

Although in this image it’s obscured by the (on iPhone, entirely pointless) enlarge button.


It also works through a simple copy and paste, a great improvement to the old forum…


Yes I was aware of that, I tested it during last weekends beta testing. But was unsure if this was going to be made public as it was limited on the old forum.


Anyone know max file size for copying/dragging direct?

I’ve tried a couple but they’re too large.


I get a message that says maximum size is 4096kb


Yes, I’ve managed to post up to 4032x3024 however, I note that the scaling is not so great, so I’ve decided to reduce them in size before I post - quicker to upload and look better scaled down on the forum.


As we don’t need a web host (Imgur) anymore, I’m moving all my past Imgur posted photo’s, resized to something like 1500x1000.px or less, into a Windows-10 file & the Cloud where I can also get them with iPad & S.Phone


On the subject of photos, when the old forum archive arrives, will photos hosted on Imgur etc. still be visible? If not, I’ll just delete my Imgur account, as I don’t use it for anything else.
Some of us were also able to post directly on the site, although I suspect this was a privilege that had been given to some of us accidentally.


I’ve already deleted my account, I only used it for Naim. If anyone wants a copy of my pictures or drawings, just ask.


Chris, hopefully the image links will still work, but until we see the archive I couldn’t say for sure. There were lots of broken images with dead links on the old forum anyway.

Moderators, staff and Beta forum members could post images directly to the old forum - the latter mainly as a help should they need to posts a screen shot of an issue for R&D to see.


I was able to post images from the day I signed up, as, I think, could a few others, so I assumed that I was given that privilege by mistake. No matter, it’s all history now. I’ll leave my Imgur running for now, as broken links are always a bit annoying.


For the benefit of poorly sighted members who rely on text-to-speech tools to ‘read’ posts, which do not work with text in images, can I suggest that it would be more inclusive if all posts with photos were to include some text saying what is in the picture. Quite crucial when the picture contains all the important information such as an album cover!


Yes I second that thought IB. It’s a good idea.