Tape Loop with Supernait3 and HiCap DR

Evening All

I’m after some quick / simple advice, I have tried to search the forum - so apols if this is a repeat.

I have a Supernait3 with HiCap DR. I want to connect a separate headphone amp to this setup - mainly to listen to an input coming into the Supernait on CD (in).

As I understand it - I would use a tape loop configured DIN lead, connected to either Stream or AV DIN sockets? Can I get such a lead from Naim (grey / correctly pinned with 2x RCA)?

Or can I also grab the loop from maybe 1 of the other sockets on my HiCap too? Unsure if these sockets are all pre-amp volume controlled.

I’m looking for a non volume affecting lin-out (if that makes sense).

If not Naim grey cable / which other UK cable companies offer the cable I require? (not looking for a din lead with 4 RCAs fitted)

Thanks all

You want to take signal from the REC Out side of an IN/OUT DIN - so in the case of the SN3, either from Stream or AV. You’ll need a specially configured interconnect though to connect to the REC out pins. See the FAQ here;

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Many thanks for a quick reply - much appreciated

So properly configured Din cable and then use the AV or Stream Din sockets :+1::+1::+1:

Presume such a cable is a special order job. Do Naim still sell them - if I ask my local dealer?

It would be a custom build or an off the shelf tape interconnect (but you say you don’t want one of those).

Ok understood thanks :+1: