Tarting up my beauties finished

Happy I’ve got new grills,

Not happy cleaning this crap off,
Happy I can listen to music while I do it,


Remains of Velcro…?

Would think White Spirit should shift it… :thinking:

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Yeah I always thought the velcro-like grilles for Naim speakers had the air of amateur woodshop about them. And they looked so awful because of the strips, grilles off was never an option.

Be careful not to get solvent on the veneer. Often those types of cleaning job can be done using wide sticky tape. Gunk adheres to to the tape better and comes away as you pull the tape up. Craft tape works best. Far stickier than masking tape but not as sticky as packing or gaffer tape which can cause their own problems.

Tried tape, did not work, even with hair dyer first to soften,
The glue is old and very dry,
Isopropyl and cotton buds small circles
Already done 1 tweeter box


I’m liking the clean look,
Thinking of putting chrome tape around the outside to match my kit, :rofl:


Pain in the ass

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Once you’re finished, there’s a job for you here ….

Isn’t she a beauty?


I’m a big believer of DIY, :rofl:
Be cheaper to buy new speakers
Only took an 1 1/2 hrs to do 1 tweeter box
And I would charge £30 ph
Nice looking 1 you have there,


And so do I. One of the perks of sbls is the whole setup kerfuffle. Some may not like it, but personally it gives me some extra connection with the system and the music.


I have not set them up properly yet, as I still need to get them to mine for there final resting position,
I have the speaker manual and seems quite simple to do,
Also need to get nuts and bolts for the frame at the back, hardly any thread left on bolt and frame, Tweeter box leans forward,

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Now we know why you’re Grumpy. You’ve had this pending task hanging over you all this time…

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Good work.

Not familiar with this speaker. Could you provide a picture of this.

Many thanks.


Not my pair, but a good pic of the frame.

The tweeter box is a fixed to the outer “inverted U” frame, which is itself fixed to the inner frame at the bottom by a single bolt (each side). It therefore pivots around the bolts at the bottom in order to achieve the required separation between the tweeter box & the mid box.

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I’ll probably just retap it, and use a larger hex bolt,
If not, drill hole and use nut and bolt

That job is on the list,

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Where did you get the grilles? Tom Tom, or the chap in Cornwall?

Umm don’t know,
Some dude on eBay,
Markie foam,

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That’ll be “Markie”, in Cornwall (or perhaps Devon?), then. Mine are from the same guy.


I’m impressed with the quality,

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Look, steel grills. Im happy to share that the drivers of the sbls have not been damaged thanks to these grills by Markie.


Ooooh they are nice,
How do you attach?