Tea - what are our favourites, how do we have it?

Being from Yorkshire, I’m interested obviously, but there is only one correct answer…

“Yorkshire Tea Gold”

…am I right?

(With a splash of skimmed milk for me. CLEARLY no sugar, I’m a grown adult after all)

…what’s your poison (Favourite Tea) ? 🫖

(Earlier thread on this closed :slightly_frowning_face:)


I’m not a tea conossor. Any breakfast tea tastes the same. If it’s not right then maybe two bags in the cup brew will do.
In the summer a dabble with earl grey is very quenching.
Yes no sugar please and a splash of milk.
Funny, I remember being a young teenager when there would be a knock on the door with a few mates outside. It was always customary to bring them all in the kitchen. Cups of teas and biscuits, maybe some cake if freshly made before a scramble up to the bedroom. Do they still do that ?

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I don’t know where to begin on this Toby :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy::joy:

That’s the wonderful thing about Tea - more so than coffee with its sledgehammer flavours (and resulting coffee breath!) - there is so much variety and subtlety and preference involved.

From PG Tips builders tea to Rare Chinese Silver Needle and everything in between.


Yorkshire Red for my breakfast tea.
And strictly NO tea bags, it MUST be loose tea brewed in the pot.


Yorkshire Red. Semi skimmed milk. Tea bag in cup and 2 sugars. Builder’s tea :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Yes - we have some of this - very different to the Gold Tea Bags (and also to the Red tea bags :man_shrugging:) but it’s really lovely… Something ceremonial about loose tea as well :blush:


Builders usually prefer 4 or 5 sugars.


I’m cutting down. Lol :rofl:.


My everyday tea is a strong Yorkshire tea. For me all types of tea should be served without any milk or sugar, adding milk or sugar makes tea undrinkable, destroying the flavour. I also enjoy the occasional cup of Earl Grey, Oolong, Chamomile and Rooibos.

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I recently read that Ronnie O’Sullivan (yes - that Ronnie O’Sullivan :white_circle::red_circle::yellow_circle::green_circle::brown_circle::large_blue_circle:*:black_circle:) is a tea aficionado.

He does have milk - as do I - but his approach to it is interesting. He literally puts it in a drip as a time, TINY amounts. Stirring all the time. Takes him several minutes to make a cup - but says it avoids the boiled milk flavour that I agree is utterly verboten.

*no Pink ball available, frustrating!

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While Yorkshire tastes good, the bags contain plastic so that rules it out. We have Clipper fair trade organic. It’s not only delicious - much nicer than Yorkshire - the bags are plastic free so can be composted.

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Clipper Organic is indeed very nice - we did have that ourselves for a long time before moving on to the hard stuff…

…it’s amazing that plastics are still used in tea bags nowadays - surely times up on that.

We use Bushells lose leaf tea. I not a big fan of bags and don’t use them (matter of fact I’m just having one now watching Vera)

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Current tea bag favourite.

This has decent heft from one bag. The local very hard,disinfected water is not good for tea. So I use filtered water,full cream milk splash without sugar.


I know, it’s bonkers. But until people vote with their pockets this ridiculousness will continue. We also have a range of the brilliant Pukka herbal teas; their Night Time is great in the evening.

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99% leaf here. This weeks tea. This Earl Grey is rather good.


Will give this one a try - Twinings tend to be a bit wishy washy in my experience, but that certainly talks itself up!

Full Cream milk though - what are you THINKING?!?

…I actually used to do the same - a bout of flu 20 years ago cured me of Full Cream Milk in tea - and then another one about 5 years ago cured me of Semi Skimmed Milk in tea. Go figure. Skimmed milk now and just a splash of it in SUPER strong tea.

Maybe if I get Flu again I’ll be drinking my tea black :man_shrugging: …and if I ever get COVID - well that could turn me towards to Coffee :confounded:

Earl Grey is my everyday tea. Steeped for a couple of minutes and then just the tiniest drop of milk.
For people who find EG too floral, a mix of 50% EG and 50% Red Label is really easy to drink and has so much more character than a bag of builders.

Love the tea pot. Any details?

I’m sure there was a near identical thread a year or two ago…

First an observation: the taste of tea varies with the hardness of water, so it is likely that a blend anyone prefers at home may not taste as good somewhere else in the country. I heard some years ago that different blends are supplied according to where in the country it goes, though I don’t know if that means that, say, PG Tips varies, or if it meant the same manufacturer may have different brand names simply allowing choice (i guess the latter). Water where I am is pretty soft, though not extremely. For “English” tea we normally use PG Tips teabags, and my preference is medium strength, with a smallish amount of skimmed milk. I make it in the mug, adding milk after removal of teabag (a blind comparison a couple of decades ago proved I couldn’t tell the differnce between that and made with loose tea in a pot). I can’t stand it with sugar - even 1/4 teaspoon changes the taste significantly. I drink mine out of a pint mug (bone china), normally one pint when I get up, and on working days at least three in the evening, possibly less if hot weather because I find water more refreshing. During the day at work I only drink water.

It is rare for me to drink more than 4 pints of English tea with milk in a day - weekends if at home I’ll often have two or three in the morning, then switch to Chinese (without milk of course) - still by the pint. My go-to Chinese tea is one that has a touch of ginseng, giving a slightly sweeter flavour and pleasant aftertaste, though I like several others and have several from which to choose. I also make Chinese tea in the mug, despite being loose leaf (the leaves are big after swelling with water, so not an issue), however the leaves stay in the cup - I’ll top up with hot water when empty or if getting too strong, typicall up to 2-3 full topups before changing leaves or adding a bit more leaf on the refill.

I don’t like full fat milk in tea, and if on hol somewhere where that is the only milk I’ll have my English tea black but a lot weaker. I also like Earl Grey, but only weak (teabag dipped for a few seconds) and milkless.