Tellurium blue II speaker cable

I know Naim recommends 3.5 m for the Naim brand cable, but would there be any issues with using a 3 m pair of Tellurium Q blue II speaker cables for a 155xs amp?

Unlikely I reckon.

It’s likely that the optimum length for most non-Naim cables will be longer than they are for NACA5, but that will depend on the inductance and capacitance of the cable. If you can get this information from the cable supplier you will be able to make an informed choice.

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@Hifi-dog and @ChrisSU are On the Money. Probably won’t be a problem - but its not really possible to answer this question.

It is short runs of cable and/or cables of unconventional construction (and therefore non typical electrical chics) which may upset some Naim Amps. Mainly I believe this is the core, classic designs such as the NAP 250, 200, 180,160, 140 and 110.

It would be a heck of a lot easier to get rid of the Tellurium cable and just buy a couple of lengths of NACA5, the cable intended to be used for your Naim 155 amp.

Why ever do you want to use something else?

I swapped from A5 to TQ Black in Wimbledon - it’s flat, it’s bendier and it sounded marginally better to 3 independent sets of ears.

In the bedroom I use TQ Blue - I didn’t think it sounded better or worse (perhaps a tad livelier) but that too is flatter and bendier.

In Tasmania, I am using A5. It sounds fine but looks awful, and I intend to try 7M of Kudos KS-1 at some stage.

I don’t see what would be wrong with @Spr123 making similar trials.


Because NAC A5, good as it undoubtedly is, isn’t the be all and end all? Just look at the sheer number of Forum members who use something else.

Tellurium (I had Black II for awhile, never heard Blue) is easier to manage without a hairdryer.

(I’ve also had NAC A5.)


First time I went (back) into this hobby, I bought a Uniti Star and had 2.5 meter TQ Ultra Blue speaker cable connecting it to my old timer Dali Zensor 3. I was a bit worry upon reading that Naim recommend 3.5 meter (minimum) speaker cable, but all’s well and sounded beautiful too. I guess that the recommendation was mainly for classic design amps.

Today I have 5 sets stereo system at home, starting from the 500s with 5 meter TQ Silver Diamond speaker cable, and the other much simpler systems are each with 2.5 meter TQ Ultra Silver, Black II and that old Ultra Blue speaker cables, and all sounds beautiful (relatively, at its each respective level).


I use 3m of TQ Blue I with my NAP160. I initially checked with my oscilloscope to look for any signs of oscillation - there were none. Been running like this for several years with no problems (overheating etc) .

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I previously used a 2 m (or maybe it was 2.5 m) pair of Tellurium Black with a NAP200 with no issues whatsoever. Sounded good, too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I ran TQB previously.
Can’t remember exact length, 4M or so, but I’m a believer of using long length cable sound better.
I’m on 6M Kudos KS-1 now.

My point is TQ cables are sort of rolled of - top/bottom, which leave mids very coherent alike, difficult to explain, if you like this kind of presentation I’d possible go higher both in length and range.

Sorry I meant TQB =TQ Black