Tellurium Q Silver Diamond)

Anybody using the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker cables with focal speakers if you are what are they like especially with the tweeter.

Hi French Rooster, I’m afraid I can’t report on the Silver 11, but I can say that the Black 11 was a vast improvement with my Nova.

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Another cable which was mention to me by a dealer that he reckon is better than the super lumina or naca5 is the Siltech Classic 550L but it’s extremely difficult to home demo these cables.

I copied the thread as I thought maybe you would find someone there having heard the silver diamond.
Never heard the Siltech, but I know that some are the most expensive in the planet.

Hi @Hawkmoon I am using the silver diamond not with focal, but thought I would share my observation … the big difference I noticed coming from NACA5 and Inakustik was the incredible improvement in the midrange. It really was quite amazing. More detail, brightness and separation, and specifically in the midrange. Per a post of mine in another thread on here you may get the impression that you have less bass heft with these cables when in actually fact you just have more mid and top end.

I have been using the TQ Silver Diamond speaker cables for quite some time…with Focal Sopra 2.

It’s a superb combination…

I guess no harshess with the silver.?

Quite the opposite…the silver diamonds let the music flow exactly as it should be… they don’t add or take anything away


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