Tempted to try vinyl: RP3 or 6 with my 202/200 setup?

I’m tempted to expand into vinyl and wondered on people’s thoughts between an RP3 or 6? I’ve read the other “new vinyl” threads and the RP 3 seems a firm favourite. Wondered about the 6 (@anon4489532 ) any thoughts?

Are there any warnings for a potential newbie to this world?

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If you’re just starting out cannot go wrong with the rp3


If you can wall mount your turntable rega do a specific bracket for this. Ensure all is level and clean. Other than that no tips just enjoy

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I can’t say I’ve heard the 3 so it’s hard to advise. I started with the 1 and wanted better. I really wanted the 8 but as it wouldn’t fit on the Rega shelf I got the 6. When I was able to get the deck on the Fraim I swapped the 6 for the 8. The 8 is much much better than the 8. You really need to see how much you enjoy the vinyl before splurging the cash so the 3 seems sensible and may be all you ever need. The 8 is, however, a delight.

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You have probably a very old phone, with 2 MP photo capability ?

As others have said, the 3 might be a good way to dip your toes in if you’re unsure how much you’ll like it.

OTOH if you fear you’ll immediately have the upgrade bug, get the P6. I presume the 6 is much better, but that’s the only Rega I have ever heard so can’t compare to any others. It’s the highest you can go within the range before they become marmite. Some people like HH like the look a lot, I wouldn’t have it in a dimly lit basement.

In case you’re not already set on Rega, within your price range p3-p6 I would seriously consider going for the Technics SL-1200GR or SL-1210GR. IMO it will easily better either. Or, if you prefer to spend less, the SL-1500C, or soon to be released SL-100C which as I understand is the same except for the lack of a phono stage and the included cart being cheaper. (With any turntable, inc. Rega consider splurging on a slightly better cart if budget allows)

Remember that you’ll also need a phono stage, unless you go for the Sl-1500C of course. Do you have a budget for that?

The P3 with a good mm cart will do everything you want for a year or two, then if you want to upgrade, ignore the P6 and go to the P8.

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Let your wife and children know that from now on, you are going to be a bit less bushy-tailed in the mornings, on account of having to put on ‘just one more’ record, late in the evenings.

Seriously, enjoy the world of vinyl.


I agree with what bruss said above. A P3 (possibly with the Exact cartridge and a Fono MM phono stage) is a great start and then, if the bug bites, directly on to the P8 (possibly with the Ania Pro and a suitable MC phono stage). I have a P8 with Ania Pro and it’s a great combo - terrific VFM in the world of serious hi-fi.

Unfortunately your NDX2 digital source is very good and will really outshine an RP3 especially with a lot of the newer dodgy pressings that are around so personally I would stretch to the P6 or if not the RP6 with one of Rega’s excellent value TT and cartridge packages.

No point sticking an LP on an RP3 and thinking it sounds a lot less enjoyable than the streamed version on your NDX2 what you want is something a bit closer in quality.


The P6 is better enough than the P3 to make it noticeably better value. You get a better sub platter and an outboard power supply and a better belt. Unless your going to get really into vinyl as the P6 represents an excellent price to performance ratio and balance with the 202/200. This is what I run


Another 202/200 P6/Ania user here. I heard the P1 & P3 as well and there is a noticeable jump in quality with the P6.

As has been said the NDX2, especially with a PSU is a step up on the P6 so worth considering going a higher turntable or getting a kick arse phono stage at least. I swapped to the NDX2 from NDX and it made the vinyl sound a bit broken for a while so I have started to look around for vinyl upgrades.

Your 202/200 won’t be outclassed by the P6 and any tweaks you make will be very noticeable with your current amps. I have a stageline powered by a hicap but the rega fono MC with ania cartridge is a good inexpensive way to start with phono stages.

You may want to save some money for the uncontrollable investment in vinyl records you are just about to experience……

It’s a lot of fun. You should definitely take the plunge!



It’s like owning a dog. The initial outlay is not a patch on what you will spend each month!

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To the builders point….100% on point and agree. No sense in settling for a turntable in the Rega range that is NOT on par or equal to your streamer and level of kit delivering the musical signal. I would shoot for a TT that meets or exceeds your NDX2 at a minimum. This decision will provide a suitable front end for your kit. That may be the RP8 at the higher end of the range but worth the VFM and will meet expectations on your current kit and if you upgrade your naim pre/power in the future.



Or get an xpsdr for your ndx2 and forget vinyl
Just sayin….


Or upgrade the 202 to a 282…. Good point well made!

Great point! It had occurred to me about the quality match up. I could be better off putting the money towards an upgrade of what I’ve currently got… 202 > 282 for example.

Thanks! Good input…

I traded a 20-year-old Planar3/Exact/Fono for an RP10 and Superline, which was a very good move for me. That said, the old setup was delightful, and delivered value for money, never embarrassed in my 500 system.

The Planar3 was extraordinary, especially with modern motor and belt, and the fresh cartridge.

A Planar2/Bias in a record store restored my interest in vinyl and sold me on the brand.

Find your comfortable price and go forth.

I would add that, in my experience, hot-rodding Regas is more expensive and less rewarding per $ than simply trading up to higher “stock” levels.

My only regret upgrading to the RP10 is that my friendly dealer is enjoying my old 3 at home in his second system, while I am again in the market for a new cheap-and-cheerful player for my second system!