Ten years ago

How’s your system changed in the last ten years?

I’ve changed a good bit. From more HT then to more stereo now.

Hopefully won’t start a bunfight, but I much prefer your grey decor - I think it looks more welcoming and light than the pink. Think the new speakers are less obvious too, perhaps it’s the lighter wood, perhaps I’m talking nonsence.

But I’m still most impressed by the lack of clutter, then and now - how do you manage it ?

The grey is more modern as well, although I did like the Deco’s as a statement piece. They really shouted at you and you couldn’t miss them.

Karen will laugh at the above photo as she thinks I am messy. Its just a matter of keeping on top of the putting away. Any clutter I have tends to be on the lounge table behind where the photo was taken but I do like to keep a tidy listening room :slight_smile:

In the last 10 years I got into streaming with an NDS, upgraded my preamp to an Allegri, and invested in a better Turntable/arm/cartridge and phono stage. Power amp and speakers are as they were 18 years ago, although I did get the FB1’s upgraded to + at the factory.

I was just contemplating a 282 to replace my Rega Cursa having bought a CD5x the previous year followed by a pair of Thiel CS1.6s and a flatcap 2x. Since then I’ve moved the doorway that used to be between the speakers and put the system at the other end of the room. I took the opportunity offered by replastering to install a dedicated Mains supply, a coax socket for the tuner aerial and a network socket just in case it came in handy in future. No pictures.

Agree about the grey - we used three shades of grey (with a wallpaper wall) for our staircase + lounge + dining room (they all run together) and replaced all of our furniture, apart from an old bookcase which we painted grey (same as the wall behind it). At the time we vowed to stay clutter free - we failed :(:pensive:

A comfy sofa is the most important thing though - you can’t relax into the music if you can’t relax into the sofa. I remember you posting you have a comfy sofa. Don’t envy you the dusting of the Fraims though

We have a big four seater corner unit now, very comfy.

The dusting is easy with the right tools, you just need a very flat duster :smile:

10 years ago I had 32.5 with 72 boards, Hi-Cap, 140, Marantz CC10, LP12, Meridan 10 4 tuner and Rega Ela Speakers
Now have Uniti Star, LP12 and Rega RX3s , though the Ela Speakers are now being used on a second system with a uniti lite.
Had my Linn since 82 I think, most of it has been update in that time.

It’s all changed in the last ten years!

Was: CDS2/XPS2, 102/180/hc/napsc, naca5 into a pair of SBLs. Also LP12. All on single stack of quadraspire

Now: NDS/555 (soon to be dr) from unitiserve, 552/300/300/snaxo (300s soon to be dr) naca5 into pair of SL2s. Snaxo currently powered by HC (soon to be supercap dr). On two racks of Fraim (well one lite plus balls, cups and glass, one full fat)

Music system hasn’t changed a bit aside of being more broken in now. The room is the same with new photography on the walls. On the other hand, the music collection grew by 40%.


For me a complete change - including the room! (Reasons unconnected.)

Thorens TD150 with modified plinth + RB300 + AT-OC7. Shearne Audio Phase 7 CD player. Tag McLaren PA10 preamp, Musical Fidelity P270 power amp. IMF RSPM speakers.

I think that was about the time I started ripping all my vinyl to digital, to make CDs, despairing at the continual deterioration of my records. Ripped with no metadata of course, because neither need nor knowledge … the created files now forming part of the (poorly tagged!) music collection that I have now, otherwise completely changed:

Mac Mini running Audirvana as combined store/renderer -> Chord DAVE -> Behringer DCX2496 active XO (modified) ->. Bryston 4Bsst2 (bass), Bryston 9Bst (mid + treble) -> PMC EB1i with passive crossover removed (bass) + ATC SM75-150 dome mid + Scanspeak D3004 tweeter.

The wholesale change from a decade ago is the biggest change in any 10 year period since I started in this hobby (50 years ago!), and indeed it all happened over about 4 years - started by a failing CD player, and boosted by an inheritance, with a Naim component coming and going in the process. In 10 years time I expect very little difference from now, though hopefully a couple of things.

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Ah! 2009 -
…the late Jurassic era of my home naim audio system evolution : )

LP12: Henk plinth / pre-cirkus / Hercules PS / AT95E / Rega RB200 on walnut arm board : /

NAC72 [MM boards fitted] / CDi / Projekt rack / Stegosaurus

1991 oak veneer SBLs [with original mid/bass drivers]


I retired my Quad FM3 in 2012 after I added an AV receiver. Otherwise, my system has not changed since I needed to replace my Arkiv A with an Akiva in 2003.

The first pictures in the system pics thread show my system as it was almost exactly 10 years ago to the day.

Seems to have made Naim’s Instagram page as well, as did Joan…


Great looking system there Richard :slight_smile:

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10 years ago - CDX2/XPS2/282/HC/200/Arcam T51 Tuner/Dyn 1.8s. I had mothballed vinyl!!

Current configuration in my profile.



Your current system looks pretty good Lindsay :+1:

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Mines changed quite a lot in 10 years. Same dog, same rug, more plants, less isoblue, no Naim…




This was exactly 10 years ago and I’d just moved in which explains why the system was stashed in the corner and not properly set up etc whilst decorating and unpacking.

Anyway, I loved this set up of Naim CD3.5 with Hicap , Nait 2 and Neat Motive 2 speakers .