Tenet, anyone interested or going?

Big Chris Nolan fan and I’ve just found out it was shot in Imax and being shown in Imax about 45 minutes from me in Germany (OV)

Never been to an Imax theatre so feedback welcome

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Internet browsing

Just read that 70mm Imax film is equivalent to 12k of data per frame

So analogue still has a lot then !

I am looking forward to seeing this! But, I will wait till it comes out on home video.

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Me also, seems like October

I’m looking forward to this one, and from what I can make out CN is keen to ensure that it’s seen in actual cinemas. I’ve got some gifted tickets for Kino, so I think I’ll book some seats for when it re-opens.

I have no doubt it may take at least a couple of viewings to take it all in. In many respects I enjoyed Inception more second time around…


I still watch Inception and still learn more. If you put the kettle on or pour a glass, you’ve lost it.

It’s marvelous.

I went to cinema to see all ( except the first) Nolan’s film and never got away disappointed.

I’ve experienced only one Nolan on iMax ( Dunkirk) and it was breathtaking.

In normal circumstances I would go to cinema.
With the pandemics… I guess I will abdicate.

Thanks Cardoso, don’t know what the rules are here in Germany, but they are open with “guidelines” apparently

Always liked movies with ( varied) other interpretations.
contents that make us think. And eventually learn diferent perspectives

Here in Portugal are guidelines too.
But the moment you go to a place in a defensive posture, the fun evaporates

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Agreed, Cheers

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They generally scan it digitay at 8k for post work . Time it gets back to print it’s considerably less as is the original. The company I left at end of last year where working on it as we had worked on all his films exlclusively since Dark Knight. Not sure I am inclined to go and see it during the current climate. I assume the studios are hoping he will return bums to seats as his films normally do.


They have nothing to loose. ( they’re already downward spiral)

Watch it. Read what you can about what it’s about. Then watch it again.

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Just back from cinema. Cool stuff. :sunglasses:

Random notes:

I cannot comment on IMAX; never been to one.

I realized I had a challenge to keep up with the original version (damn people with accent… :wink: ); which may have taken a bit of detail/understanding from it. :neutral_face: But, well, as mentioned, likely a movie to watch again.

Ah; native German; was my first cinema since restrictions started in March. May be different by region, but here it was “the usual stuff” similar to restaurants: masks everywhere except on your seat; disinfection; pre-booked tickets and name registration preferred. The booking system ensures, that seats are left free between bookings, …

It’s another look at the “time is different” topic, and interesting in the options and consequences. (I think that much is being spoilered by the trailer, isn’t it? :shushing_face:)
It did not take me completely flat-footed (there’s been movies but also SF-novels on the topic; one of which blew my mind a couple of years back) - but nicely embedded with all the action and the rest of the story. And take attention of the details! :slight_smile: And of course you’re not sure on first run, that you got it all and how/if the hole thing makes sense in the end. (If stories about time ever make sense…)

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I’am going today.

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Thanks CG

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Oké, seen it. I think briljant.

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I saw it on Weds evening. I must admit it lost me at times, very clever and beautifully shot. Thought at times music/background noise to loud to clearly hear vocal content.

I think you only have to look back to old classic digital transfers e.g. Burton/Taylor Cleopatra to see how sublime old film detail and colour was.

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