Test Tones

Found this on Qobuz, interestingly I can hardly hear 40hz although speakers rated to 32hz, at the top end I can’t hear much above 12k, wonder is that because of Qobuz, my streamer / amp or just my ears! It’s interesting to play 50hz and walk around your room.


As a test you could try and play the following through your streamer as a confirmation

sorry, but I cant try it currently, although I cant here a thing on my laptop

That’s more audible, much more so behind the speakers (rear ported)

I’ve tried the same disk… it’s our ears…

(Spendor quote 32Hz without specified limits, so it’s probably -6dB down by then anyway… )

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Very useful find.

Stereophile found 10dB down - however more or less level to 40.

However, the room can easily destroy bass at any frequency/frequencies: in my own room there was no bass at all when I first set up on moving in and set up as as planned: it took a complete rearrangement of the room, assisted by using REW, to get the bass back - and that is with speakers that dig a lot deeper than those Spendors.

The A7s in my system go down to 30Hz with plenty of volume on the same test as you’ve used. Room or system I wonder? Maybe speaker placement?

Yes room possibly, my room is a bit weird

Walk around your room when playing the 40Hz. Your seating position might be in a null due to room modes.

Tidal has these test tones also.

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The 12k will be your ears… the 40hz is probably room null…

I can just barely hear the 14k and can barely hear 30hz
Age mid 60s

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Having been subject to a recent hearing test I suspect hearing is the issue.
I recall our acoustics lecturer telling us 18 year old students, “if you are thinking of buying a fancy stereo you had better do it soon” life is so cruel


A good friend of mine sent his career working with explosives. He always joked that one benefit was that he didn’t have to spend good money on hi-fi.


I wonder if the opposite happens, and we are all trying to improve our systems thinking we will eventually hear a brilliant improvement, but our age will never get that perfection we are looking for. So we keep spending…

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@Thomas, i am surprised not to see you here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep. Most on here with all the high range are past the age where they can hear it all but ironically it’s the age you likely can afford it to… This is why I won’t be going much further up the ladder for the main systen. I know my hearing is on the decline and already have tinnitus. This is why headphone setups are the thing for me more and more.


Just did test tones ‘test’ with my wife. I can’t hear a thing past 13 kHz but she can hear up to 16 kHz.

I’m a bit older though and have a noisy job, so probably expected. Plus the motorbikes, clay shooting, music concerts…


Did you see all the cats and dogs outside your front door at that frequency?

Mobbed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My experience is that it is fairly standard that women can hear higher frequencies than men.

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