That This Works..And Sounds So Good

:small_blue_diamond:Found this picture on another HiFi-page. Incredible that this can create so much soundquality…Fascinated picture.



Yep, I was fascinated about that 45+ years ago!

But digital is cleaner and better (with good mastering and a good DAC). There are pictures of CD pits aroundon the internet, though electrically or electromagnetically stored files are even bettre, but I’m unaware of any images.

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IB against the vinyl world




He stands not alone!

I have seen the video, which is even more impressive!

:small_blue_diamond:Dozey,…I didn’t know there was a Video.
Can’t you add it here.?


you are at the right, on the horse too?

Vinyl may have its technical limitations but a lot of people enjoy it and get some fantastic results. Let’s not turn this into another Vinyl vs Digital thread…


the reason why i preferred to joke, friendly of course.

Looks like the search fir the Holy Grail!


the photo shows the fight of the church against the heretics. Digital against analog…

I was reminded of Indiana Jones…


It is on you tube. You will find it if you Google “vinyl record sem video” . I don’t know how to post a link.

:small_blue_diamond:Dozey,…I found these two,hoping any of them were right.




Yes - good work! It was number 2 I was thinking of.

:small_blue_diamond:Dozey,…Thanks :+1:.

:black_small_square:I put one to Innocent Bystander also…“Vinyl vs. Digital”.
I have not looked at it myself,…but I thought the headline would fit IB :wink::grin:.

To Innocent Bystander


Drop a few happy micro bug bears on the vinyl for added atmosphere.

I think I got my Googles mixed up. A Rooster in English is also known as a cockerel.

This is another video:


thanks for clarifying Tobyjug. I was quite sure it was a google translate problem.