The 13th Beatle Studio Album

I’ve often wondered what a 13th studio album would have been like if Abbey Road wasn’t the Beatles last album. Using only their debut solo albums I’ve come up with what I thought would have been the track list and kept it to 13 tracks. The bulk of the tracks imo would have come from George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass as it was clearly the best of their first solo albums, unfortunately I’ve excluded Ringo debut album as it was a disappointing attempt to cover standards. John Lennons Plastic Ono Band have also been excluded as I think they were released before they broke up (I would have definitely included Cold Turkey).

Be interested in what others think.

The tracks aren’t in any running order.

George Harrison

  • Beware of the Darkness
  • All Things Must Pass
  • Isn’t it a Pity
  • My Sweet Lord
  • If Not For You
  • What is Life

John Lennon

  • Imagine
  • Jealous Guy
  • How
  • Crippled Inside

Paul McCartney

  • Every Night
  • Maybe I’m Amazed

Price for the best album title suggestion.


Teddy Boy - Paul McCartney

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The inclusion of Ringo’s Photograph and It don’t come easy would be worthy although they were released as singles so possibly outside remit. But can’t have Beatles album without at least one Ringo track


I really wanted them in but they weren’t on his first solo album

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They were on the reissue of the first album.
Come on Pete , he who makes the rules can change the rules :joy:

They’d certainly make up for the poor Macs tracks, add them to your list and I’ll consult with the powers that be and get back to you.

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If the Beatles hadn’t fallen apart maybe some or none of these songs would have been written, with them writing different songs because their situations and emotional states would have been different.

Reheating the dogs dinner

Possibly but we only have what’s available to choose from.

That works for me, I don’t have a dog a present but when I did he eat as well as we did.

Since is is an LP and its the end of it, I would call the album ‘Squashed’

Unlucky for some

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If Not for You is a Dylan song isn’t it? I would replace that by Awaiting on You All in order to keep any covers out.

… and I agree a Beatles album is not complete without any track from (or sung by) Ringo.

brilliant topic. we need to get these into a running order and create a playlist to test it out!

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Album title,

Maybe We Should Have Split Up After SPLHB (Sparing future generations a thousand McCartney renditions of Hey Jude).

Well, the choice is clear:


(Sorry, I see that I’ve been beaten to that one.)

Thanks. I thought it might be a better than idea than another internet switch or does your your speakers sound better if they face true north type of thread. Not that those threads aren’t important it’s just that sometimes you need a brake.


Given the egos in play, would John and Paul really have given George half the album? I think he had a total of about 20 of his own songs on Beatles albums previously, right?

Perhaps technically (I’m not sure of dates) but from “God” the Beatles were clearly finished so I’d tend to disagree with not using this album for Lennon’s songs.

EDIT checking Roon POB was released December 1970 whereas McCartney is dated April. Wikipedia agrees with the December date so I think you’ll have to change your Lennon choices.


Ok gloves off, considering John was murdered in 1980, how bout using tracks off any solo album up to that time. This means it’d probably be a double album though.