The 2019 Naim new products


Well we had a few wants played out in 2018, like a new version of the 272 updated with the latest platform. Others wanted a new NDac, new minimal preamps…some eluded to actually knowing.

Well let’s get going on the wants and guesses, Bristol show is pretty close?


New ARO. One can dream!


I doubt it would be 2019 or even on the product roadmap but…

I’d come back to Naim in an instant if they produced a 500 series level integrated amp. Make it a two boxer, floating boards in the pre-power box,hefty PSU in the other - the usual Naim tricks. Pitch it around 12-15k.


I think Tiger Paw may have sorted that…


I’d much rather see some updates for the firmware to introduce some much needed features which would make the current products perfect. The ability to switch the screen on the Uniti range off being one of them…:bulb:


Naim said a while back that they would do the screen-off thing. I think now that the new range is out, except for a possible 272-2, they will be into a phase of fine tuning the firmware. Not really anything to do with the topic, though.


I’m not sure that we will see an updated 272? It would have made sense for it to come with the new round of streamers. I’m wondering whether we will see a new integrated amp, styled like the Nova without the screen and with a high end headphone stage, to pair with the NDX2. A 2 box system, high end source, could be matched with a Core. It would be a step up from the Nova as a good end game.


My guess will be new amps (integrated and preamps) with improved volume control.


You may be right, time will tell. I generally preferred NDX/Supernait to 272/250 despite the better power amp, and it allows Naim to keep the range a bit smaller.
As for new amps, Naim will need to keep a close eye on energy efficiency regulation, which mat make it increasingly hard for them to release new models with big transformers. That might mean they keep the current models going as long as they can.


Here’s my wish list for 2019 - I also believe in unicorns as I don’t think (m)any of the following will happen!

Simplify the whole product range.
Uniti / Statement case styling for all Classic series boxes.
An UberNait (Vitus / Hegel anyone?).
372 (in new casing!), without internal power supply.
Shoe box sized streamer (with screen) & shoe box power supply. The NDX1?
Preamps with App coordinated digital volume / selection control.
Mu-so range updated to new platform.

I can dream I guess :slight_smile:


In 2019, Naim builds speakers again and starts with the DL2, a DBL with the ingeniously mounted tweeter of the SL2. Then in 2029 I will be able to afford a s/h pair of DL2s.


I wonder if they will ever get back into active crossovers, probably not now they don,t make speakers. But it would be nice to have a stand alone digital crossover update able with firmware for other makes if speaker like Linn and a Devialet. I did raise st the forum visit Focal making Naim designed speakers…no comment, probably would be seen as a insult to Focal.


Hope you’re all wrong re the 272, having just spent 8 grand on replacing my 102/ND5 XS late last year.


I want 572 without internal power supply :slight_smile:


Revisiting the Classic pre-power
NAPSC for Stageline
Self-powered Headline with 2 headphones output
Self-powered Stageline with loading adjustement
Better Flatcap XS
Hicap with NAPSC input and the possibility to power 2 equipment
Supercap with NAPSC input and the possibility to power 2 equipment
New N-272


Without a PSU !!! ??? You cannot be serious !!!
But yes it would be nice, Linn’s top end streamer-pre does not have an external PSU,
& comes in at a lower cost than a ND555+555PS


Being realistic, I would wish:

A stellar firmware update for the new streamers. :star_struck:

Something that not only corrects all the current glitches, but optimizes everything to a point that it would allow a step-up in terms of sound quality (whatever protocol is used)


That would be a dream but there are so many features to correct and add (at least for my Nova which may be different on the new streamers)

  • screen failure
  • screen / album art freeze
  • alarm (such as on my previous SuperUniti)
  • possibility to change radio order
  • possibility to set light/screen ON/OFF, set the preferred view
  • Sound quality consistency (firm 2.3 vs 2.6.1)
  • remote stability
  • AirPlay 2

Sometimes I miss my SuperUniti


Hopefully, there will be a new full size Naim DAC.


Reference “floaty” Core with built-in switch and external power supply.