The 2019 Naim new products

there is one - but by Tiger Paw - new Javelin arm, done side by side TP is better IMO and at just under 2k is good value, it’s going on my deck PDQ

How about a price reduction? Their current product line (with the possible exception of the latest Novas) must have had their costs amortized many times over(?)

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Anything classic range that sounds good with a lower box count. I’ve got 4 boxes that make one amp; great sound but just a bit daft

Perhaps to help us all I should have made it clear that @Charlie.Henderson was most welcome to participate. We are all for equal opportunities on this forum.:face_with_monocle:

I’d like roon ability (endpoint) for the older streaming products (NDX, NDS, etc.), that would be nice :slight_smile:

And a streamer without DAC

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Hi, I’m definitely reading with interest!
I’ve also got my own list of ideas (but I’m not going to be drawn into sharing them… yet :wink:)
Keep the ideas coming, it’s a great thread.

252 level integrated for under 10k? Optional phono cards???

I can’t help smiling at the posts effectively asking Naim to cut their own throats…

It’s in all our long term interests for Naim to remain a thriving and profitable business so that they can continue to produce the products we enjoy - and so that the service dept functions and thus keeps resale values up.

I think there could be a digital-only streaming preamp, possibly with an analogue input or two which is digitised rather than being fully analogue (like the new Uniti models or recent Linn gear). So somewhere between an NDX with proper volume control and a 272 without the ‘proper’ analogue boards.

My logic is that judging by the fully analogue preamps, and comparing them to eg the Nova, having full analogue signal paths alongside digital is much more expensive and/or tricky to integrate than using an ADC to digitise incoming analogue signals. And the results obtainable from ADCs are clearly capable of being really good - Naim have existing expertise as demonstrated with the Nova, and eg Linn do this even on their top level gear.

Doing it that way would mean that higher quality should be achievable at better VFM for those who don’t focus on analogue sources (though that capability could still be retained at a very respectable level of quality), while the full analogue preamps would still be there for customers who do focus on analogue sources.

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I add to the requests for a new updated DAC.
Also, how about an update to the Core making its handling of classical music better, and of course working with the app.

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I think there are a few things that would be good.

  1. Direct replacement for the 272, then the original platform can really be called ‘legacy’!
  2. A better 272, we often see people referring to a 372 or higher, i.e. perhaps a streamer/pre-amp at NDX2 and 282/252 level with a requirement for XPSDR or 555 PSU
  3. A better Core in classic casework. A Core looks daft on a stack of Fraim with Classic casework. If this isn’t feasible perhaps give customers a choice of case styles.

I wouldn’t support the introduction of newer products at classic level that match the new casework style. i.e. the 272 replacement should look like the new streamers, not like the Uniti series.


Indeed, a 272 replacement has been mentioned many times here. But if I recall correctly, once the 272 was introduced, Naim also mentioned the fact that this was as good as it gets when it comes to combining streamer functionality in a preamp … so I doubt if we will see a replacement for the 272 in the near future.

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It seems to me that if they can improve on the ND5XS then it seems reasonable that they can apply the same principles to a new 272 which it is based on.

Hi everybody,
a Nait 5 with integrated phono stage



SI series - This range needs some Naim love. Perhaps Naim will launch an SI streamer this year to complement the existing amp and CD player. But more likely Naim will direct people buying at the SI price point to the Uniti Atom and discontinue the SI series.

Uniti home installation - These would be housed out of sight and so do not need to look pretty but would be tailored to the needs of the home installation market (similar to the new Sonos Amp but better). Perhaps coupled with Focal ceiling or wall mounted speakers.

WallFraim - A walk mounted Fraim shelf. Perfect for your LP12, ND555, preamp or Uniti. Special versions for the Muso range could also be made.

MusoMe - Naim’s first foray into the portable music player market. Comes bundled with a pair of Focal Sphears.

PC and Mac versions of the Naim app. Sometimes it would be nice to have this option.

Migrate the entire Classic and 500 series to Uniti style cases. Others in this thread have asked for this. If there is a replacement for the 272 then it would be interesting to see what style case it comes in. If it is the new style case the there would need to be a partnering power amp in the new case style to go with it. A complete update of casework for all products may well follow.

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I would like to see a Headphone amplifier with a built in power supply and remote volume control.

I wouldn’t like to see the Classic range change to the new Uniti range style the Classic range as it stands I think looks better than my Core.

Digital volume control on the Classic preamps would be nice even better if it was a retro fit upgrade option.


Now that I am the proud owner of a Core, and soon of a ND555, I would like all sort of firmware updates for these remarkable pieces of fine British audio equipments starting with enhanced metadata editing capability for the Core. :sunglasses:

Chag -


How about some sort of mains device to ensure a mains supply to meet that ideally required by Naim’s various power supplies and boxes?

So we all have a great mains supply regardless of the time of day and the quirks and variations of, in the case of the U.K., the National Grid.


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How about a way to export the music database in the UnitiServe, or any of the hard disk players, so I can merge with the LP database on my PC and have one comprehensive unified catalog.

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Hi Chag, I find metadata a big problem on the classical downloads I buy from various usual sources. I edit them with Jaikoz before sending them to the Core. It is a slow process however, and frustrating. It would be very welcome if Naim can come up with something to address this.