The 552 has just gone dull

Well its a good job its going off to be serviced and Dr’ed as the left channel has really started to go dull the last rew days, and tonight its really bad.
So much so i have just removed it and now running my rossini direct into the 500. Glad to report the left channel is back.

Really looking forward to getting it done now and i think i am in for a big shock when it comes back, as its never been serviced and is 18 years old now, going to get both boxes done.
Will be dropping them off tomorrow to paul at hifi lounge

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That should be a great upgrade, look forward to your reports know how it sounds.

I had my 252 serviced (before I sold all my Naim ) and I was shocked when I got it back.

There was a clear imbalance for a long time before I sent it in for the service. When I got it back it was a vastly better preamp IRT soundstage focus mainly, but other improvements were clear as well.

My dealer said the values in the 252 can drift from the standard value quite a lot over time, but it’s gradual and hardly noticeable until you get back a “in spec” serviced unit.

Just out of curiosity, how did you shipped the units to UK from Oz? Was a local dealer involved? Thanks.

Hi there Dan,
We have some Naim approved service people down in this neck of the woods Andy McLean up here on the Gold Coast and the previous importer Chris Murphy are both able to do most work and there will be others in different states who are approved for this work.Shipping to the UK from Australia is a costly and risky exercise one to be avoided at all costs. I speak from experience ,things disappear from bonded stores, enough said.

Hi @Seadog

How long had you been running the 252 since new or it’s last service?

I guess mine has not been at its best for a long time, (years). But the last week,i started to notice an imbalance between channels and its got worse over the last few days.
At the moment to try and balance the channels, you need to turn the balance to about 7 o clock. But it has also lost its quality and sounds duller on the left.
I guess its not far off not working at all on the left, as its certainly gone down hill fast.
As i said its long over due a service and was always planning on getting it DR’ed and guess a big shock awaits me on its return, as the right channel as well might not be 100%

Did the PSU go in for service as well?

Hi Dunc,

Your NAC552 being short of breath could be the cause or the reason you found the Vitus so appealing.

The 552DR/500DR is an outstanding combo. I could hardly imagine an integrated outperforming it and, moreover, at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a free lunch, especially in the high end audio industry.

I’m sure you’ll find out that the 552/500, when serviced and DR-ed offer much more than their non-DR counterparts (especially the 500DR).



I have had both my 552 and 500 DRd over the years. No chance they will be replaced.

O yes

yes could well have helped the vitus more than the naim
But its been dropped off today and already looking forward to getting it back, so i can pair it back up to its mate the 500dr, hopefully it will be well worth the out lay

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It was brand new, and I had it about 13 years before I sent it in.

My dealer said a lot of people ignore servicing the Naim preamp head units & they shouldn’t.

I certainly wasn’t aware there is a lot of micro capacitors in them that drift away from the standard spec. over time and need servicing.

Well worth the service, I was very impressed in the change (for the better).

Thanks for the info. Always helpful to learn from the experience of others. I had been told Pre-amps don’t need servicing but it always seemed to conflict with info from Naim. Potential buyers of pre-loved pre-amps can budget accordingly.

Hi AJK. I have had my 552 serviced ( both boxes) for the second time 10 weeks ago. It lasted 9 years from previous service but started to loose bass control and got very aggressive in the top end. Having now put loads of music through it even when not listening, I have to say it is a glorious transformation. The decline can be ever so slow, so maybe an 8-9 year service interval for the whole rig would be apt in my view. ATB Peter

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Well having only owned the 552 for a short period, about a year. It would be hard for me to say, what condition the sound quality was, but for certain it has stared to go very bad the last week.
I was always going to get it serviced and DR’ed and got it at a great price, so cant complain.

Well its back and after a strange few hours, where the left channel was completely silent, don’t know why and nor did Naim, its back full working.
Got to say glad its back, turned the rossini back to 6volts output and the volume back to 0.0, and it sounds utterly fantastic, its early days yet, as it needs to burn in, but its easily the best it has sounded with the rossini, its so much more dramatic and dynamic, the bass is just lovely and the extra width it has now, as you can tell a very happy chappy.

Naim did find a fault with my 552, unity gain had no output on ch2, so full service and update.
Plus the ps is now DRed.

Dont know how long my 552 had been going wrong, but it has never sounded this good, and its certainly a wake up call for getting them serviced, my 552 had never been done and was well past its service, so if you are in the same situation on service times, do yourself a favour and get it done.

Thanks Naim, you have certainly breathed new life back i to the 552.
Cheers dunc


Result Dunc, my boxes have never lasted or been allowed to last over 8 1/2 years tbh. As all my boxes have been serviced in the last 12 months, I’d better start saving for 2029 :woozy_face: The 552 will improve a lot in the first fortnight with odd wobbles thrown in, and the steadily improve for as long as 3 months. Enjoy Peter

Good news Dunc! I wonder if your dalliance with that expensive integrated amp was driven (subconsciously) by your 552 being a little under par? Anyway pleased to hear all is well now👍🏻


Looking forward to it all, Peter