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These nail clippers are from Suwada of Japan and I would consider them to be the best in the world. Here they are in mirror finish:

Wishing everyone a lovely start to the New Year :relaxed:


Suwada also make cuticle trimmers. Here they are in mirror finish:

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I’m sure they are both a snip at the price…!!


Thanks @Satori for resurrecting this.

I was looking for the old thread to see if there were any thoughts on clothes washing products.

Quite a mundane query I know, but we’ve been using Fairy non-bio products for quite some time, and in recent years a large bottle formulation labelled as ‘professional’.

I’m convinced they’ve added an extremely strong new scent which makes me queasy and is possibly irritating my throat - hard to say as old bottles with a previous formulation to compare would have been recycled.

If it isn’t a new formulation then our washing machine can’t be rinsing properly.

So which are your favourites which don’t stink to high heaven of chemical scents?


Talking of items with added scents, it’s often been mentioned that an Astonish glass cleaner works well to spruce up Naim casework - I don’t to it often but my bottle is running low and in all the local supermarkets etc they now only seem to stock ones with added fragrances.

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I’m also not fond of chemical/synthetic scents and for the past five years or so, I’ve transitioned to using Ecover (for tough stains I add a little Vanish OxiAction). Wishing you a lovely evening :relaxed:


Astonish sell all their products by mail order. Have a look online: the product used for Naim casework is the Tile and Glass Cleaner, which comes in a 500ml aerosol spray bottle. I suppose that it must have a scent, but I’ve never really noticed.

(I have three or four bottles, ready to go, in a kitchen cupboard.)

PS I have looked online. Astonish are in Yorkshire. Their telephone no is 01377 337150.


I didn’t expect to be joining a discussion on cleaning products, but here goes! I like the Fairy non-bio liqui-tabs or pods that you put in amongst the laundry. They are scented, but I don’t mind it.

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Hmm, was it that or Window and Glass cleaner I bought. Probably the latter.

Unless my mind is playing tricks I can’t see that Tile and Glass Cleaner or the unscented WIndow and Glass cleaner on the website.

I used to be able to get standard Window and Glass cleaner it in Home Bargains, but they seem to have replaced it with a scented one:

This old thread seems to suggest tile and glass is no more.

To be honest I thought the new ‘professional’ non-bio in a bottle now smells closer to those. It’s strange how scents can trigger physical ailments, but they can also trigger memories which can be good or bad.

The old thread mostly had fairly high-end luxury items but from memory it did include more simple things such as Worcestershire sauce.

Astonish used to make a Tile And Glass Cleaner, but that seems to have been removed from their product range.

I imagine that the Window & Glass Cleaner, shown in your photo, must have replaced it, but it may be worth giving them a call to check.

I hope that you find something that works, good luck.


Thanks, I was considering Ecover the other day and it’s on offer at Waitrose (probably cheaper elsewhere) and have grabbed a bottle of the fragrance free stuff. I think I tried the ‘sandalwood’ scented one years ago but didn’t like it - assume they don’t use proper sandalwood.

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Yes, I just found a 2019 thread suggesting it was no longer available - they may just have changed the name leaving out tile, who knows. Previously the Window and Glass wasn’t advertised as scented though perhaps again it’s just a marketing thing when it was all along.

I’ve used Assos Active wash; designed for cycling kit. Works well (especially for waterproofed and synthetic fibres) and you don’t need much. Use sparingly… not cheap!


That’s an interesting one - looks to be around £28/litre so probably a bit too expensive for regular daily work/school clothing washes but possibly a nice one to try for sports clothing which in my case often simply needs a freshen up, though I’d imagine cycling clothing could get pretty muddy very easily.

For laundry, we’ve been using this for several years, with no complaints:

Clean clothes, environmentally preferable to conventional products, no particular scent, pays for itself very quickly. Can’t see any down side.



I only use these or variations for cleaning hifi, TV etc. work a treat, spesh in dusting between bottom of kit and rack level.


That looks like something to try out - so you only replace the beads every 50-70 washes not every wash? That would be reduced faff in itself especially if doing consecutive washes.

Exactly right - it sounded too good to be true at first, but it’s certainly worked as advertised for us.


In terms of laundry duties, may I ask if anyone has had any experience with the Samsung AirDresser?

Wishing everyone a lovely evening/day :relaxed: