The Big Switch Save Energy

I’ve got two. I don’t think they pull more than a watt or two when just powered on waiting for a signal to open or close. I could check the manual tomorrow to be sure.

Nice! Exactly my main system!

FWIW - I found that a fridge (even if efficient) if not very full, uses a lot of power. So I filled my second fridge with water bottles. Worked a treat.

You could replace your current system with a SN3 ? I’m sure it’ll use less power probably sound as good as what you have.

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That’s a good tip. Of course with modern fridges, they may well use a fan to get consistent temperatures throughout, but as long as you keep a bit of a gap front and back, it should work well!

Solar panels are about reducing CO2 , not cost savings. Anything you spend on them will provide an immediate monetary payback and contribute to CO2 reduction. Even if only you heirs will benefit, it is still worth doing. And what if you live longer than you think?
Grasp the opportunity, and experience the satisfaction of generating your own power while you can.


The OP has already stated he’s on a state pension. The ROI doesn’t really cost in unless he lives to 150.

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I’m surprised by this. I’ve a big Mitsubishi fridge freezer that is ten years old. I’ve measured it over 24hrs. Averages 12w/hr.

Of course the label says something like 10w - 110w variable, but the average is what counts and I found it to be low.

Well known source of second hand stuff…

Another to come…

Then fixing…

Then saving…

Don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity so that only large mammals trigger the lamp! And set the length they stay on for just enough for whatever you are doing - putting rubbish in the bin for example.

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Yes yes Well said
Plus I have my naim 82 left on for its entire
25 year life Never a repair or bad moment


There is a bug in your AVERAGE formula. You only make an average of two cells: first and last. You shouldn’t use , but :

=AVERAGE(B1 , B89)

=AVERAGE(B1 : B89)

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Yes, I know now, and corrected…

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Latest weekly Monday reading of the electric meter is a figure of 87 kWh, so better representing a full week of the change (no Naim amps, and no tube heater in the conservatory).

I fitted LED lamps fitted in place of the old security floodlight fittings, so expecting further reductions in the weekly reading next Monday, dependent mainly on visiting wildlife in the garden, the local fox population use our garden as some sort of corridor between den and food…