The Blue Nile - about to sell another million or two

Having nagged the Linn reps to reissue “A walk across the rooftops” at all the recent hi-fi shows so I can buy a vinyl copy, then maybe now might be a good time… They are evidently likely to suddenly gain another gazillion fans…

I’m pretty sure the band own all their masters now, so it’s nothing to do with Linn. You’d better get searching for nice minty secondhand copies on Discogs before the Swifties drive the prices up!

I have a copy of this, bought shortly after release. I doubt I will be selling though.


There was a vinyl reissue just a few years back. It was good too. Not quite up to the standard of the original LINN LP, but close enough. Surely there must be copies available out there?

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I tried to buy new vinyl copies of the Blue Nile releases a few years ago, Richard, but I drew a complete blank. Which seemed odd for a group which had been promoted so strongly by Linn Products.

I just looked on Discogs and sure enough it shows it was reissued on LP in 2019 on Confetti Records, which tallies with my memory. Unfortunately, although there are used copies available for sale, they’re a fair bit more expensive than when new at £85-100. I would guess it’s OOP, in which case you might want to contact Confetti Records and ask whether they plan to re-press any time soon.

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That seems a ridiculous amount for a reissue.

I am not going to look to see how much an excellent-condition original Linn release goes for.

The reissue was less than £30 when new, IIRC. But now it’s OOP prices have gone up.

Originals seem to be selling for similar amounts to the reissues - £60-100.


Have all the originals in pristine condition on vinyl. Won’t be playing them or selling them.

Thanks Richard,

I bet the prices even on the reissue are only going to rise further now then from their already high level! Looks like I am going to have to either front up the cash or track down a cd or something!

It does seem odd how many great and somewhat famous records are out of print nowadays… del Amitri have just re-issued “Twisted” on vinyl which used to go for about £300 on Discogs so despite having it on both cd versions I bought that last weekend on vinyl. Perhaps the same will happen with the Blue Nile…


“Won’t be playing them or selling them.”

They must really enhance your life then.

I have a price for them as a collection, which is useful to know and decent too. I periodically play the first two albums via my local rips of the CDs and get as much pleasure from them as I always did.

Bizarre comment. Most people here have a lot of music but won’t have played most of it for a long time. Using your logic they should just sell it.

I think what he actually meant was your comment that you would never play it although I do get your view that even though

@JonathanG – The Nileys are doing a limited edition (500 each) repress of all four albums - get in quick!



Oh thanks for this!!! Brilliant news…

Have you read this?

It’s an enjoyable read about Scotland’s most enigmatic band…


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These Confetti Records represses are very good sounding - not as good as the OGs but considerably less wallet-destroyng!

NB - High was never originally released on vinyl, only CD.

I read the book a while ago, I lent it to my brother and he still hasn’t returned it!

It was good, but because Paul and Robert didn’t co-operate there are lots of holes and unanswered questions. It was a little bit all over the place, rather like the group’s career, appropriately enough!

I interviewed Paul and Robert (PJ was there but didn’t say anything) back in '89 when Hats came out. They were both delightful… I may still have the tape somewhere.

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Ho fascinating that you interviewed them Kevster! Who were you writing for back then - was it for one of the hi-fi or music mags?

I haven’t come across Confetti records before but have just ordered a walk across the rooftops - thanks for the tip!


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Ooh, controversial. We could have lots of discussions about who Scotland’s most enigmatic band are/were :slight_smile:

Haha good point Mike!!! :wink:


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