The Duke!

I see he’s about as popular around here as a Rabbi at the last supper…:wink:

Mike more info please, UK royals or summat?

Indeed. Plus a suicided American financier/hebephile, a ludicrous BBC interview and a woman who has obviously decided she is not to be scorned… :joy:

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Great album!


My first thought when I saw the subject.


Mine was ‘The Duke’ by Dave Brubeck, a sublime composition.

What? Emily Maitlis? :grimacing:


These inbreds are largely useless, their jet set lifestyles funded by the state, fit for appearing on mugs to sell to tourists but little else. Normal rules don’t apply.


Now come on HH. Get off the fence and tell us what you really think…



The lumpish, detached, ridiculous and dim Windsors continue to entertain the nation.

I’m reminded of Mandy Rice-Davies on John Profumo during a previous establishment rearguard action…

“Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?”


Spoken like a true Smiths fan!

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Shame you have to lazily tar the entire family with the same brush. Whilst far from being a royalist, I don’t think your description fits Elizabeth, Philip, Anne or Charles. They have all worked incredibly hard throughout their lives, and achieved more in support of the public good than the majority of their critics. I, for one, wouldn’t swap places for all the tea in China or their perceived wealth.

On balance I’ll take the Windsors over any of the Presidential muppets who preside over the European (and American) republics.


that whats wrong tax payers fund his behavior

Here we go, pass the popcorn, the haters are out until the inevitable shut down of the thread.

Bring back Maggie!

Hah ! Yes! My first thought :grinning:

I’m not sure the ‘haters’ are out. It’s perfectly reasonable to have a wry pop at the monarchy; we don’t all need to doff our caps, tug our forelocks and say yes sir. Andrew is an idiot and his interview was pathetic. It’s as if Epstein’s victims don’t matter. He remembers a meal at Woking Pizza Express but not having his arm around the waist of a 17 year old girl. Association with a paedophile funded by the state. It’s outrageous.


Well I wouldn’t no, but what exactly is an idiot?

Someone who gives the sort of interview he gave and thinks it went well would be a reasonable example, or someone who thought his choices were good.