The folk thread

Thanks. I too heard the bit on Private Passions so I have marked this for a listen off Qobuz.

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More than just “worth a listen” I’d say. It’s a Dessert Island Disc for me, and I don’t think I’m alone. John Steane, Gramophone’s leading choral critic (and my former English teacher) went into raptures over Baker and Barbirolli’s version of Sea Pictures. I’m with him. And then there’s the Cello Concerto …


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I’d agree Roger, I was trying not to gush.

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I only heard Baker live a couple of times, but there was just something about that voice that, for me at least, managed to convey the emotional content of what she was singing like few if any others.


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RT guitar, mandolin, accordion, vocals, production

  • Bobby Eichhorn – acoustic guitar electric guitar
  • Michael Jerome – drums, percussion
  • David Mansfield - fiddle
  • Zara Phillips – harmony vocals
  • Taras Prodaniuk – bass guitar

The band tour features: Taras Prodaniuk on bass, Thompson’s grandson Zak Hobbs on guitar and mandolin, Zara Phillips on vocals and acoustic guitar and Dave Mattacks no less on drums.


Cracking album that led me to listening to this for the first time.

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Does this count as folk? Bit if blues too. Fantastic anyway. Subtle, rich and great musicianship.


Definitely folk for me although a wider palette than his last album. Great stuff though.

John Tams in The Home Service 1981

John Tams, Bill Caddick, Graeme Taylor, Michael Gregory, Malcolm Bennett, Howard Evans, and Roger Williams
Set List

  1. Napoleon’s Grand Marche
  2. Walk My Way
  3. The Grenadier
  4. The Blue Eyed Stranger
  5. The Barmaids Song
  6. Where are The Bluebirds?
  7. Galliard / Bramsley
  8. Doing The Inglish
  9. Chaconne
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Graeme Taylor in his band Gryphon from 1974. In B&W, but the sound quality is cracking!