The Forum Album of the Year 2020 - The Poll

Right folks , the Album of the Year thread is running out of steam so time to put the top choices to the vote. By using a combination of nominations, honourable mentions, ‘likes’ and other entirely undemocratic methods, I have narrowed the field down to a short list of 10 albums. Remember it’s all just a bit of fun so let the best album win! One vote each please. And the nomination are…

  • Nick Cave - Idiot Prayer
  • Bob Dylan- Rough And Rowdy Ways
  • The Third Mind - The Third Mind
  • Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters
  • Vikingur Olafsson - Debussy/Rameau
  • Rumer - Nashville Tears
  • The War On Drugs - Live Drugs
  • Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison
  • David Bowie - Changes Now
  • Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela - Rejoice

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None of these get my vote for album of the year despite some of them being great albums.


Not to worry - it’s not compulsory


Thanks @crispyduck for organising this thread and the album of the year one, it’s been great fun and lots of stuff to discover.

I went for Bowie because, while it might not be the most original or “best” album, it’s certainly the one I have enjoyed most in 2020 and the one I keep coming back to and that, to me makes it my choice.


Shameless ploy by me to get topic near top of list again so people can see it and vote

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:+1: :+1: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve voted, but out in the real world only 4 of those albums, maybe only 3, make it into any end of year lists.

I had only heard of one - so it got my vote.
But I’m not tempted to listen to the others …


I’ve gone for Rejoice, but I have to say I am really enjoying Idiot Prayer, deciding factor was that as good as that is, I enjoyed the original material for the albums from which it came. The performance is spell binding however, so I understand why it’s so liked. Rejoice however was an infectious little ear worm that was a real surprise. Great thread and I’ve found new music, thanks for setting it in motion.

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Bruce Springsteen - Letter to you


And which real world is that?

I’ve gone for Live Drugs- obvs! Although I would put Changes Now alongside it- it satisfies the inclusion criteria which I hadn’t realised. Nonetheless it’s a great thread and I think it is compulsory to vote, isn’t it😂


…I’ll wait to January before voting for the 2020 album of the year.

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Of course ( but the shortlist won’t change!)

Moi aussi.


I would add, off the cuff, the eponymous LP by GoGo Penguin on Blue Note.

Lovely soundscapes as well as great rhythms.


… not for you perhaps, but hard to call a race before everyone has had a chance to get to the starting line.

If this was an election I would be sending my lawyers to the courts for declaring a winner before the polls have closed, or even opened for some.


I think you might have missed the ‘bit of fun’ part of the opening post. By all means open your own best of thread on December 31st


…then again you could rename your thread “The Forum Album of the Year (so far) during the Year 2020 - The Poll” :wink:

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Not sure what one to choose, can you amend to include the album thumbnails so I can make an informed decision? :laughing:

There are some fantastic album’s on this list!