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It does annoy me that Naim have said not said anything.

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It annoys me too, especially on the servicing issue. If that’s not addressed, I wouldn’t buy any new Naim items above the Muso range.


My daughter Alexa turns 11 on Tuesday…she was 1 when the Echo was launched. She was quite proud of having a “radio” named after her :smile:


My Alexa is 41!


The trade in market is absolutely st****d - I’ve tested it

Now we have another retailer in Sydney jumping on the A2A bandwagon offering the same prices to get rid of their stock, not that they have really been a major Naim retailer but even so it makes it really hard for our friends H & N

I agree Mike - I have no interest whatsoever in upgrading to the new Naim series

I think the trade in market at good prices has gone forever

At the end of the day it’s just music and I’m happy where I am. Many other things to contemplate in life.

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Let me guess they’re in Lane Cove?

They were never big on Naim stuff anyway and even less on Focal.

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The brickie starts today, well he was meant to start 2 and a bit weeks ago but least his on site today. He should have the facade finished in 3 weeks.


You guessed right young fella

What a mess that just keeps on keeping on - for over 2/3 years + now

Over it mate - feel for our beloved dealer

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I don’t know how the guys are surviving. We’ve all been thrown under the bus.

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Lot of high end audio dealers closing down with not only this situation but more broadly the economic climate

People are holding back on spending their hard earned dosh currently

Seen it before it will turn fir the better at some stage


Had a reasonable day, action on site finally kicked the 7 week flu had a beer and now watching granddaughter number 6 having a riding lesson.


I’ll have a beer to celebrate :beer::sunglasses:.

We’re off to Auckland tomorrow and then an early Sunday morning flight to the Sunshine Coast.


Having last listen to the old LP12 before it goes in for its spruce up tomorrow as well.

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Just in time a huge cold front to move up the east coast, we’re expecting temperatures below zero on Monday morning. Thankfully you might be far enough north to miss the worst of it.


We’re there from the 14th to the 24th, so it looks like all sun, but crikey - some cold nights there for Queensland.

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Yes I don’t think I’ll get out bed till next Friday


It was clear and still here all day, 6° to 13°, so we’ll take it.

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Sunshine Coast rather a nice area Mike , I use to go up there regularly for work - went through the purchase and construction of Sunshine Plaza shopping centre - had a couple of further redevelopments. It’s a very successful centre worth over $1bn these days

Have great memories of that area


I’ve been feeling a little horse lately :grin: