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Taylor’s Landlord is a gorgeous pint indeed.


Enjoy let’s hope there’s plenty more and the worst of this fcking virus is behind us. :+1:


Here here :+1:.

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I can’t keep up with the disappearance, sometimes temporary sometimes permanent, of various threads. I was going to ask a serious question re Coronavirus, only to find it’s gone!
Perhaps a viewable ‘sin bin’ or quarantine area might not be a bad thing for our Moderator to introduce - would save head scratching and uncertainty.

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Therein lies the problem. It strikes me that any answer to the question is going to either be political or be likely to kick off a political discussion.

If the question was “who is concerned about the effect of the red list on their holiday plans?” that might survive. But Pakistan/India has no chance.

I would like to see a Coronavirus thread back though.



The Coronavirus thread has been isolated for review. Unfortunately some members just can’t help but discuss or mention politics. The debate over the efficacy or otherwise of the vaccines has also prompted some issues, and of course, could in itself be considered a political issue. I’ve tried to guide the thread and keep the discussion within fairly narrow confines, but it seems an impossibility. Please don’t make this a proxy thread for the discussion, otherwise it may go the same way…


Don’t worry Richard. I’m not going to do that.

Perhaps you need to leave the old Coronavirus thread in the freezer, but could allow a new one to start with a title like “Surviving Coronavirus” or Coronavirus personally”. I could volunteer to initiate a thread like that if you agreed. But only if you agreed!



Hi David, thanks, yes, that could be a way forward as the old thread has become overly contentious in so many ways. The main thing is to keep it close to home and personal rather than offering opinion on the wider political, scientific and geopolitical situation.

Immune Coronavirus Thread

I’ll leave the idea for a bit and see whether it gets support from cafe regulars. I don’t want to start something trite off that ends up either being ignored or heavily moderated!

Hi Richard,

Whilst I hope you don’t decide to wind up the coronavirus thread, should you decide to do so it would be good if it could simply be closed but lest visible (after editing if/as you feel necessary), as there is a fair bit of valuable info in there. This is sometimes true of other threads, perhaps pulled because it they persistently went off the rails, or had morphed into something else. However I can see the challenge for you in editing, though perhaps when it is a case of the last straw going too far then maybe chopping the offending last day(s) is simple before closing.

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Change of topic.

I got knocked of my bike by a car on Monday. How the driver, with bright sun from 3/4 behind them on nearside, slowed at the entrance to at a mini roundabout, didn’t see a fluorescent yellow clad cyclist going straight across when they started accelerating forwards I have no idea. But see me she said she didn’t…

Bike is probably a write-off (still awaiting a couple of bike shops assessing). Luckily I found I still bounce - some rather painful bruises but nothing serious it seems. I was wearing a helmet that I bought some years ago as a ski helmet - Team Wendy, designed to be tougher than most, the company founded by someone who’s son had died in a skiing accident with an inadequate helmet. A significant jolt as my head hit the ground, but helmet and head still intact (replacement of course also to be claimed.

I count myself lucky - unlike poor @anon4489532 who suffered a life changing injury in a cycle accident. Today I cycled to work using my mountain bike - a bit painful but manageable.

No response needed to this, just throwing in as a diversion in the cafe, while sipping a nice G&T, being a new found deligyt discovered only 18 months ago after not liking gin since my GCE ‘o’ levels…


Glad you’re ok, bikes and things can be repaired or replaced. Bikes are just so dangerous especially as most car drivers just don’t give them enough space or consideration. A young guy we work with (a rep) was killed on his motor last Sunday. A drunk truck driver came around the corner on the wrong side of the road. He had 4 young kids who lost a father.

Bikes aren’t dangerous - car drivers are! But I know what you mean. Unfortunately bikes don’t self-heal like humans (though on a serious not I know I am very lucky considering).

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Nasty. Glad you’re OK!

Thank you! But as I said, i wasn’t posting for responses, just to change the subject, though maybe also provide food for thought: Life is so fragile, none of us know how long we’ve got. Reflecting on it, Monday could have been it for me - it wasn’t, and I am lucky: If there’s a take home message, it’s make the most of what you have, today and every day!



Indeed. I’m glad you’re okay too, that was a close call. I almost crashed the other day taking Miss Mike to school and rushing to pull out on a cross road - didn’t see another car that was in a blind spot (obscured by another car). I’ve changed my route now to avoid cross roads. For bikes, you can be hidden by blind spots on the cars - best to make eye contact with the driver to be sure…

We have so much bicycles here that people have it in their system to check for them. The disadvantage is that I did learn my kids first to be aware of bicycles, and then for cars. Bicyclists don’t care.

A practice in London too I found.

And still you are here!

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