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No getting rid of me!

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I agree with what you’re saying - except when the blind spot is straight ahead!!! Blind spots of course aren’t always visual…

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Went to get more paint for the outside timber windows and got the last 2 litres of water-based white gloss enamel in New Zealand! Apparently manufacturing is being delayed due to global material supply chain issues. There’s no ETA for more, but they are hoping within a few months. There is no issue with the general water based paints for the timber weather boards.

So, that might all impact on how long a full external house paint will take. Fortunately, I’m happy to spread it out over a year or more if needed.

That’s ironic our biggest hardware (Bunnings) has very little semi gloss interior paint. Obviously it’s been a year of working around the house.

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I was trying to remember them the other day, they took over our Homebase hardware group…turned out to be a disaster. They paid top dollar and sold on at a huge loss.

Make sure you get a new helmet - if your old one took a proper knock then integrity breached. Glad you’re ok ( from a fellow cyclist)

Yes I remember reading about that. Don’t know how they failed they’re huge here, they’ve wiped out all their competition. We had an American company try and take them on and they collapsed.

I never went to one of their modified stores renamed as Bunnings…it just did nit go down well over here. A lot of competition too?

I dislike them tbh they do do a great charity sausage sizzle though, it’s the only reason I go. :grin::grin:

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We have Bunnings here, but I prefer Mitre 10, or our little local Hammer Hardware.

Not many Mitre 10 or local hardware stores left here, that’s the problem Bunnings has crushed them. Shame I’d much rather support a smaller family business any day.

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Yes, even though it is one designed to survive knocks, I know tgat inner damage may not be evident and it was a big enough bump that I’m now hunting for a suitable replacement.

@Mike_S think Qobuz is much better than Tidal. Details much more convincing, especially with things like cymbals and even the backing vocals.

I’m a little disappointed with XPS at present there’s a large buzz that’s driving me mad. I’ve had once or twice before but normally turning it on/off fixes it but not this time.

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Yes, I ran some A / B comparisons with ripped CDs on my Core versus higher resolution files on Quobuz and thought the later had the edge.

Quobuz hi-res files sounded better than the MQA Tidal version running the first MQA unfold via Roon.

What I haven’t compared yet is the same resolution file on Tidal and Quobuz to hear if there is any difference on a standard CD file.

Also, check out Roger Waters “Amused to Death” on Quobuz, there is a 192 Khz 24 bit version, it sounds stunning.

MQA, Roon and all the folding and unfolding stuff bothers me. I like to keep it as simple as possible and as many 3rd parties out of my system. Seems these days everyone has their hand in your pocket.

How long do you leave it off for? The large capacitors will take a while to discharge. May also be worth unplugging and reinserting the Bundie a few times.

I already own that in hi res, sounds fantastic one of my favourite albums.

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I’m resting after a morning painting. I’ve realised that this is going to be half day sessions only.

It hasn’t been off just unused for over a week. I pulled everything apart and cleaned it and checked the cables. At least I can’t hear while I’m listening.

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