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:rofl::joy:no, they will be in the cable/switches thread and very rarely in the What are you listening to thread.


Well you can’t listen to music when you’re too busy listening to your electronics. :grin::grin:



Public hanging in NZ in a few weeks when AB’s arrive back after loosing to Boks overnight

As long as they beat Wallabies at Eden Park in late September all will be forgiven :+1::crazy_face:

Oh how the mighty have fallen. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m just about to watch a reply of the Wallabies.

It was a pretty god game the wallabies one

Well thanks for the spoiler :thinking:

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Didn’t say who won though !!!

Well that’s only cause it appears you can’t spell. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just noticed that but as you have rightly pointed out in another thread who cares (sort of ):grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I’ve just watched the first 30 minutes and the Wallabies can’t stop giving away penalties. They’ll need to get a grip on that if they’re going to beat anyone.

Ha ha, but I’m just having a laugh.

Same in AB game - all bloody penalties

Boks were all over them in the forwards which was expected

Also shows an improvement in rugby world wide although it hurts us is ultimately good for rugby.

We’ll add it to our ever growing lists of crises.

We’ll also need to add Coopers injury. :rofl:

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A big swing though to northern hemisphere rugby team dominance

They have a different model where they build up from school teams . NZ and Aus have recently gone for the top down approach which has backfired , in NZ for sure they use to have the UK model

Now they are trying to rectify that by grabbing external funds through private equity to build rugby back up from ground level

Well good luck on that one, those companies want instant success

Well I’m off to clean the cars before the magnificent Swans game after lunch.

Got make you guys a little worried

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Amazing, and it’s not 1st April

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I know, you wouldn’t have put money on the ABs being below 2nd never mind 5th.

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