The Grand Cafe

I would love your views on Star V Nova in a smallish room .

Best wishes


Public holiday here, the Queens Memorial Day, we’re off to see Van Gogh Live and lunch on the harbour at Newcastle. We’ve had this booked for over 6 weeks and had no idea (obviously) it’d end up a public holiday.


Surely he’s dead by now …

A few years back when my parents were still around, we went to a collection exhibit at the Toronto art gallery and there were quite a few Van Goghs there. Very nice.
I also really liked some impresionism works by Miller? I believe. Can’t be certain of the name as it’s been a long time. I remember standing close to the paintings and getting a feel for the brushstrokes, then standing back and being amazed at how they came together and created such an impression from a distance. Bloody marvelous.

Enjoy the exhibit.

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Yes he’s dead but like all geniuses his legend lives long past his time here.

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Here’s the setup showing the two rooms @Bevo to give you a feel for how multi-rooming between the rooms is a nice set-up, especially when the TV is running a movie or music concert via the bluray player.

The games room set-up in the garage. The pool table was made by my wife’s late dad. The dart board and picture discs are from my old teenage bedroom, as are most of the records. A little whisky malt collection is in the bookcase and the CDs and wine rack is by the dart board.

A view to the manadatory second fridge/freezer complete with a beer collection.

A couple of views from the door between the games room and my office/music room with the big boys :sunglasses: Even some Da Vinci sketches to boot.

Best I can do without a bigger house, which is unlikely now I think.


Well Mike - all I can say you’re a lucky fellow even having all the space you already have

All looks great I’m envious

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@Bevo congratutions. Think you’ve won the no mention of vinyl bet, we’ll done I didn’t think you could do it. :+1:

Well thanks Pete, I hung in there

Every response to you from now on will mention that word :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nah wouldn’t do that to you as no doubt any back response from you would have some comment around our dear friend Richie M😀

I am expecting you to mention it a few times, I can live with that.

We’re about to get clobbered with the first storm of the season.


Does it flood in the town Pete ?

It sure does this is the 1/100 flood mark out the front of our place (it’s eye level)


I hope you , your family and your town are all safe


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Yes we are it’s not that bad, but thank you for caring.

We had a lovely day yesterday and got a few plants into the garden. Todays been a typical equinox winds - strong south-westerly blowing straight at us. It’s easing off now and looking good for tomorrow.

Glad you were ripped away by that storm, it was an impressive sky-line :sunglasses:

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My wife thinks my office looks like an hifi store. I consider that a great compliment.


Mrs Pete’s keen to organise our trip but I need some advise.

1, from London to Naim for a factory tour could I do it easily in one day by train?

2, driving from London to Edinburgh how many days would I need to allow. We’d like to visit the Lakes District (think that’s on the way) and Liverpool as well as a few other places.


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You could do Naim in a day, but might be better doing a night in Salisbury.
As for driving to Edinburgh via the Lakes and Liverpool i would give yourself at least a week.

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I was intending to leave Mrs Pete in London shopping, seems we might both go down. I’ll have to find something for Mrs Pete while I’m on tour, is there much to do around Salisbury?