The Grand Cafe

You have to be optimistic, hoping to get it to lock up by the end of year. Looking at dropping the prefab panels in favour of an easier and cheaper system. Cause downstairs is commercial there’s different fire codes.

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Good one you’ll get there :+1:

Report from Munich HiFi show - one of the critics saying Totem speaker range best at show :+1:

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Just away in Norfolk staying at a cottage we are renting. They started building this single garage/ triple cart lodge with a-room in the roof last September. Costs have risen due to materials………when they can get them……most of the delay is shortage of materials at stockist. Should be nice when it is finished.

The Oak beams are not Oak……they are steel and then clad in Ioko. Cannot tell from a distance………saved them a few thousand pounds. Its neat little tricks that if done well can help bring in on the budget.


Did you mean Iroko, rather than Ioko ?

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Ah yes Iroko, good spot.

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Just popped in because another night when I can’t sleep.
So I’m dunking a couple of ginger biscuits into a mug of tea.
Right, I’m going back to bed and try again.
Goodnight :sleeping:


Sleep can be so overrated. I normally only sleep about 5 hours a night. It is a bugger when you can’t sleep though, hope you’re in dreamland by now.


Hi @Richard.Dane can you please message me when you get a chance. Cheers.

Chaos is now in charge since deciding to move my studio back home. Trouble is I have limited space to paint, it’s only a matter of time before I get paint of the carpet and find myself in all sorts of pain from the other half. :grin:

Looking forward to picking up my tickets and accommodation details of Saturday.


Several work in progress Canvas’s in this picture Pete, including that commission I see.
Looks like you’re going to be pretty busy up to your trip🙂

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They’re all under paintings as I’ve only bought 1 pot of paint home so far. :grin:

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Have you managed to lock in your Naim factory tour Pete?

Can we order some nicked Nait 50’s?

Or don’t they trust Aussies?

Ha ha - if some are to be nicked Pete will need a couple of kiwis to ride along like myself and @Mike_S :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Richards arranged a contact for Harry so I’m hoping it’s still going to be ok.

On the home front should be ready to appoint a builder for stage 1 to lock up. Im going to run the fitout with a friend that way we have full control. Might even do a few chores myself.


Unfortunately the built versions are boxed up in the distribution warehouse in Bristol.

I’ll make a diversion thanks for letting me know Gazza👍


I’ll get a tour of the logistics as well. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good move I reckon

As long as the builder gets the shell right should be fine

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