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Are they that good, how would you compare it to other multi box setups

Well the Nait 50 certainly doesn’t have the shall I put it “weight” of the larger boxes like the Supernait 3 which I have and maybe misses out a tad on detail

But on the plus side it’s ( hate using word) super musical and bounces along beautifully and drags you into the heart of the music . It’s certainly fun to listen to that’s for sure.

I really like it . I suspect the trick is to have the right speaker pairing , in Balmain I have the Neat Petite anniversary and down south have the Neat Petite classics . Perfect combo. I wouldn’t push it with big inefficient speakers though.

Here in Balmain currently using it with my LP12ARO and Superline/scdr/ Armageddon combo. Magnificent

For me one of the best Naim buys I have made in a long time :+1:



The other thing I should point out Pete is from what I can see on your pics and Mikes pics , compared to you guys these days I live in relatively small spaces so the Nait 50 with small stand mounts are perfect


My current room is rather small

My old Royds/Atom are now living comfortably in Balmain at a friends place. He’s youngest daughter (21) loves it, got my old UnitiServe and all my music. Apparently she’s now hooked on Lou Reed and the Moody Blues.


Fantastic , it’s great when gear moves on to a happy place

My brother is using my old Naim Allae speakers with a uniti star - he loves them


I know I told she’s inherited my old white mans music (a few of Mrs Pete’s).

Down south I have the 252/SCDR/250DR with the Neat Ultimatum XLS ‘s stand mounts ( great speakers I might add)

Another area the core/ndac/ Nait 50 with Neat Petites Classics

It all works but only just

Certainly the 500 series and Neat Ultimatum XL6’s I had previously far too much for the space

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My Neats are probably just a bit big for the room I have at present. I’ve been spending a lot of time listening on headphone via my DAC V1.

I pack my NDX2 up tomorrow dropping into Harry next Saturday to get the din relay thingy fixed.

Good one - can Harry do it or there’s a service guy in Sydney that probably can do it

Not sure hopefully in Sydney but at one stage it was going to Melbourne.

Think “Speed Bump”, slow down to bounce over it and then you’re off again😉
Hope everything goes well :crossed_fingers:t3:

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My main system is downstairs in the office (now dubbed the music room when I’m not working). It’s only about 3.5m by 5m, but works well. I’d love to try in out in the lounge, but I’m not taking it all apart to try! Sometimes I think I’ve upgraded to far, but it will see me through a good 15 years or so I reckon, and a man needs one good vice in life.

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I’ve hedged my bets a little for the future getting 2 Nait 50’s

Hopefully in my later years I’ll be able to have a small shack in NZ ( South Island of course ) where I can have the CD5XS/nDAC/NAIT 50 with the Neat Petite Classics. My brothers and other family members can use it

It’s always in the back of my mind

Physical CD’s are still important to me that’s for sure


We look forward to visiting :sunglasses:

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I read today a massive apartment complex has been approved for Queenstown CBD

Been years in the making evidently

Stage 1 of 200 + unit construction starts soon

Full complex over the next 5-10 years

That should ruin the place unfortunately

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Continuing my wildlife odyssey. Just stumbled on this nest of the most vicious biting b*ard ant species the world has ever known. Take one step towards these fkers and they are up your swim shorts like a bat out of hell.


Fire ants?

Are you on holidays or just out looking for things that bite. :rofl:


Could be. But you can’t get close enough to tell. Do you have them where you are?

Yes, they’re not meant to be. They’re in Queensland now and the authorities are busy trying to wipe them out.

I’m being a melodramatic. I am a zoologist by training so enjoying seeing it all.

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