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Yes Queenslanders they’re a different breed altogether. :grin:

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How long does it take for you to get to Newcastle Pete ?

From here? An hour and 10 depending on traffic. They’ve started the doing the Haxham bypass which is a nightmare it crosses the Pacific Hwy 4 times.

That’s about the same time for me from Mittagong to Sydney

Newcastle quite a reasonable city use to go to Charlestown and a few other shopping centres there for work

I think hour and a bit is easily handled to a major city

I actually like Newcastle it’s a changing and growing city. Some fantastic development going on.

The Cockies first home game today, I’ve been allowed to leave the house.


Yes, I tend to think a 4 to 8 week winter holiday in Australia each year might be a much more achievable option, say around $15k a go for flights and nice digs.

There is a left field option of England, with the holidays in the Mediterranean :sunglasses:

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Right track Mikey boy / you have a lovely house in a lovely place in this world

You’re a lucky man :grinning::+1:

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He would’ve long gone to bed :grin:

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I know ha ! Poor sod

And so you should be too ha !!


Been out with my 2 brothers at The Cottage tonight in Balmain

It was so good , many laughs with us 3 plus the staff that run it , it was fun

I need a lie down now but up at 7 with breakfast with 2 mates


Had my first decent nights sleep last night and have felt ok today. I never use too go to bed much before 1am specially on the weekends (sport northern hemisphere) I’m never in a hurry getting out usually about 7.30. Have to get back to my normal.

And you should be in bed too.


I know because I’m an old bugger so farewell until tomorrow :flushed:


Oh and the Brumbies hammered the Crusaders . :grin:

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Mike, things have changed since the construction days of The Limehouse Link and Canary Wharf etc.

I think we could well do with an influx of families such as you and yours (and a few others on this Forum), but I wouldn’t recommend such a move. Not even, as we say, to my worst enemy !


That’s interesting as I love London but I hardly recognised it. I thought it might’ve been I was there alone. Nothing had changed it just felt different.


Morning lads.


Yes well we won’t talk about that Pete being the Crusaders are my team

Bound to happen after all the ABs in team departed for better pastures

The Brumbies have always been the top Aussie team over the last 5-10 years , you never know they might go all the way this year and take the trophy

Morning Mike - sunny day here in Sydney after yesterday

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Morning sunny but damn cold here, off to the patisserie to grab a cinnamon roll for breakfast for Mrs Pete and I. She’s having a break to visit her mum for the day, not sure I’d actually call it a break though. :grin: