The greenhouse

Morning all. Some of you may remember from late 2020 that there was much good natured joshing about the need for me to purchase for my wife’s benefit an enormous greenhouse in return for my outrageous purchase of Titan 808s and a 500 to replace the active 2x300 SL2s

Well at long last the work has begun - ground broken this morning with assistance from one neighbour’s tractor and trailer and the rather expensive (but v high quality) ground work chap with his digger who is putting the base in for us:


Surprised you have survived so long without her greenhouse😉 Glad its underway, keep us posted.


Glad someone is interested :blush: will do

Forgot to say paid for about £700 of bricks this morning (for the dwarf walls)

We had some work done recently and prices for building etc is a moving target…….if you can get what you want.

The bricks are the only thing needing purchase apart from the concrete base I think. Greenhouse price fixed when we ordered last year.

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Indeed, you’ve been getting by on promises, during these several expensive visits to your house from Pete & Co.

The cost of the greenhouse may well have been fixed last year, but that’s a while back, and doesn’t take into account those “Hmmm, what if we did it this way instead?”

I wish you luck. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :wink:

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I have not been getting by on promises as it happens :wink: my wife is very lovely indeed and I wanted her to have a greenhouse that she would enjoy (and big enough for me to sit in too :blush:). It has been on order for getting on for a Year now and some time was spent before that on working out what she wanted. The main delay has been waiting for the ground worker chap to be available (v good and therefore v busy) and the ground be dry enough (clay soil, Ribble Valley so high rainfall) for the work


Its been chucking it down here at Ribblehead most of the morning so you may need to bale that hole later today. :grinning:

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It was raining a bit but bright and windy now so no biggy I hope :blush:

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Fair do’s, Tim … … … (does your very lovely wife occasionally peruse this forum?) :rofl: :rofl: :wink:

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Nope :joy:

Edited to add - do you think I would still be here if she did? :flushed:


Update end of day 1 - found a drain under the location so bro in law had to do some digging and sorting


End of day 2 concrete poured


How deep is the hardcore?
Why is there plastic sheet on the hardcore?
Any pics of the cement being levelled and poured would be interesting.

Sorry don’t know the technical stuff and didn’t take any photos :grimacing:

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Ooh excellent, a thread about garden erections …
That base is a whopper Tim, the greenhouse is going to be impressive! What are the two recessed wells for?

We invested in a new one last august. Modest by comparison but good quality and we just love the automatic roof vents.
My wife spends literally hours just pottering and comes in a very happy person. Seeds, tomatoes and chillies already growing nicely.

Keep us updated. I think we’re going to be envious of your Monty Don build.


I have no idea what the recessed wells are for :man_shrugging:

The greenhouse is 16x9 I think. We went to look at them last year and I persuaded her that we needed bigger than she was thinking of to allow for circulation room and space for a comfy chair or two. I have in mind that it could be a good place to sit and read a book or the paper by fading daylight - when the light in there will be better than in the house :blush: We live in a lovely spot but have little view from the house itself - there is a bit of a front view but front garden is next to the road. Will put up a pic of the view from the greenhouse location - it’s really lovely with a field and then trees

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For gravel beds, to grow your tomatoes? - I have similar recesses in my greenhouse and a nice touch is a larger square covered reservoir that is filled from the gutters and waters the plants via a solar system.

Not sure about tomatoes but have just asked my wife and she said it’s to grow things - down to soil below and makes watering things less work. Apparently. I have no idea :person_shrugging:

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