The missing sound in my upgrade

I don’t really know where to start. I’ve got my 555PSDR up to play with my system, but I don’t really know if I’m satisfied yet, or rather if it’s that much better a boost in my system. Previously I had connected the XPSDR to the NacN272 in my system which is: NacN272, Nap250DR, CDX2 (with non-Naim PS)… The XPSDR has now replaced the non-Naim PS… I don’t think at this point I can hear a lift or a difference. I have had all units on for 4 days without turning anything off… Have an idea I want to hear full output when everything is hot. I have connected a power line power cable to my 555PS… Is it just me who is a little stressed or should I just give it a little more time. I had hoped for something else. Could it be that the sound becomes more restrained or are there mids that become different when the 555PS is in the system? I think I need to turn up the volume to get an effect. I understand if it is difficult to come up with an explanation of what is happening…
I have been advised to change the boxes with current and power at the bottom, preamplifier at the top. Don’t know if it actually helped. I’m a little disappointed, I was expecting something different. Also told to be patient and have it all on 24/7 every day. I’ve had that for 6 days now… also just changed my power line cable into the Nap250, no audible difference. It’s like the floodgates aren’t really being opened…Any suggestions on what I can do with my frustration…?

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Have you paid careful attention to cable dressing? Destressing Burndys? Keeping signal paths separate from power cables?

It sounds like you have made alot of changes all at the same time. It sounds like you are stressing out over your new purchases.

Take some pics of your set up and post it on here. This should be an enjoyable journey. You seem very worried and I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

Take some time out. Post some pics if you can and we can try and help make your journey enjoyable.

You have great kit. Just needs good set up and maybe you need to relax a little!


What is the age of the 555 dr? When it was serviced ?
Have you destressed the Burndys? Are the burndys touching themselves, or a power cable ?


The other thing is what racking or shelving are you using? If you want us to help would be better to have more information and pictures to see where things are going wrong, if at all.

Best wishes,



Thank you Dan
Yes I am stressing a litlle, I think you are into something. I’ve maybe expected a bigger lift. I will send some pictures later… thank you for your kind thoughts


Kind of ironic I find destressing burndies one of the more stressful aspects of Naim ownership.

As Dan says this should be an enjoyable journey and generally you will hear a pretty big difference when you add a 555PS.

I would suggest a simple experiment, put the system back as was and add the 555PS to the CDX2. This should convince you of what the 555 can and does do. If it isn’t doing something well come back for more suggestions.



And check the 272’s set to floating if you have a CDX2 in the system.


Hi frenchrooster. The 555ps is a 2021 model, do not think it needs service, but thanks anyhow :wink:


This is an upgrade I’ve done in the past. Straight out of the box, stone cold, brand new, the 555PS was an enormous improvement over the XPSDR. I know one person’s enormous is another’s small, but it really was a huge and obvious difference. I’m most surprised that even without perfect cable dressing a very significant difference cannot be heard.

I’d do the Burndy massaging that people suggest. Form the Burndy into the right shape before connecting, so that the metal outside slides over the socket with no twisting whatsoever. Don’t let the Burndy touch the stand or the floor. If that doesn’t work maybe the 555 is simply not for you, and you can return or sell it and save the money.


Thanks Sloop. That might be an idea… I can see that my two burndy’s are free of signal cables… I’ll try your suggestion…

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Its on Floating Yeti :wink::+1:

I once added a 555DR to a bare 272, so that was a much more obvious uplift in SQ than replacing an XPS with a 555DR.

People say an XPS is around say 60% of a 555.

So, yes, your expectations may be too heightened.

Also, adding a PSU can be relatively subtle uplift that only dramatically becomes evident when you take it out a fortnight later in an ABA test.

Also, take extra special care over set up as others have said.

Maybe strip the system down and rebuilt the racks and unplug and plug in all connectors a few times.


JimDog. Thanks for the explanation where I realise that it is of course relative to go from an XPS to a 555. I might have to get used to the sound being different. In addition, it should also be said that if I am a little contrary due to my lack of openness in my expectations for an unrealistic lift, it is a stress factor that does not make the experience better. I’ll take a look at my cables as previously suggested


Maybe worth trying the CDX2/XPS into 272/555 at some point too?

Whichever test is most important and has the best chance of being a permanent solution needs to be tried first and the left in to warm up and settle for a few weeks.

Unless of course you are in a shorter return window and trying to decide whether to keep it or send it back?

Was it from a dealer or eBay or elsewhere?


Hey Peter,

Take some time out with your system. Set it up slowly. Pay attention to racking and cable dressing. It doesn’t need to be perfect to start but try ro set up as best you can.

Enjoy your system and love it!

Relax and enjoy your music. You have absolutely top notch kit and it should sound incredible.

We are here to help. And try to take a few pics and we will all help you.

You’re not alone. Many of us have frustrations and things don’t always go to plan. But sometimes it maybe something obvious we can help with.

I have had so much technical help when I started with kit particularly. But as I have advanced I still get so much help and advice.




I’m not sure I understand your suggestion about the combi you mention. I have connected my 555 to Nac272, to that my XPS/Cdx2 is also connected to Nac272. It’s the station wagon you’re talking about…?

I bought 555 from fohandler here in Denmark, and I really intend to give it a chance for a while yet. Many say I should let it play for a while. I have to try massaging burndy cables :relieved:

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Yes, good idea, Dan.

Posting a photo or two of the front and back of the gear would help.


In which case, Peter, I would try the 555PSDR on the CDX2 and the XPSDR on your NAC-N272…


OK I wasn’t sure exactly how you had the system connected, and whether you are mainly streaming via the 272 or using it as a preamp for the CDX2.

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Hi Christopher
But I did have the Xps connected to 272 before. I bought the 555 to give my 272 a uplift… I want that combi 272/555 to play out through Nap250…