The Naim app is so janky

Thanks Richard,

Everything is working fine now. So, all good. I’ve contacted support already and have a queue number. So I will see what they say.

Feedback is that the app is weak and everything else is strong.

I have resisted joining in this thread, but I will just say that I think almost all the issues people face with the app is because their networks don’t work properly. I know this is an unhelpful and annoying thing to say, but nevertheless the app (the IOS version) works well for me and always connects instantly and I’m using a Nova, a 272, a SuperUniti, a Unitilite, a Qb and a UnitiCore.

Those of you who find it doesn’t work really should sort your hone networks out.




Probably this won’t endear me (but it is meant in a kindly way) looking at the App Store very few of Naim’s competitors are setting the world ablaze with enthusiastic reviews either.

Burn the Witch! Thou shalt be condemned to eternity in the fires of hell.


My personal experience with the Naim app has been random.

I have no problems with other services such as Sky and Netflix where much larger files are downloaded.

If you have had no problems then that is fantastic. I have had lots of issues.

Network is good with everything else. Maybe that says something?

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Just to clarify, I have no issues with network or the app connecting, just that I think it is very poor quality, especially from a user centred design perspective.


I use Roon as if I did have to use the app all the time I would pull my hair out. It connects fine and it’s quick to connect since I disabked Qobuz. Having Qobuz and likely Tidal slows down the connection process ten fold. Likely down to the authentication but it’s just a joke. Turn them all off and it’s instant connection. I just dont get why you can’t search your own music from the search box, drives me mad.


Sorry David but there is absolutely nothing wrong with our home network. 272 cabled straight to hub. SuperUniti on WIFI. Any OTHER apps on Android such as HIFI Cast, Windows 10 Cast to… and Ubuntu software such as PulseAudio-DLNA NEVER fail to connect to our 272 or SuperUniti. My wife has several iOS apps she uses to stream to the 272 without flaw and we’ve never seen a single issue via Bluetooth.

Any app or connectivity issues we experience on Android tablet AND phone are limited to the Naim app only.



With a network that works properly, there is no problem with the Naim app. Anyway, whatever, up to you.


Changed nothing in the past year but I now rarely make it through a tidal playlist before the music stops. Often after 4 or 5 songs. For years I’ve used the app on super uniti, 272, and now NDS. The problem is recent.

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That’s not an app problem. It’s a Tidal problem. The legacy streamers don’t work well if the stream from Tidal is interrupted by excess latency in the internet between you and the local Tidal server.

All the app does is order the track to be streamed. It isn’t involved in an ongoing basis in what happens if the stream is not a good one.



Same here. A couple of years ago had a few issues with the app not finding NAIM devices whilst moving around the house, but I now know that was because of an Apple airport wireless access point messing things up. I now have a BT mesh system, and of all the apps on my iPhone the NAIM app is probably the most reliable. Rock solid.

I can’t comment on Android, but for iOS I am sure that if the network is solid then the NAIM app will also be solid.


Noted thanks David. I suppose it’s possible something has changed with local tidal servers. But for the worse? I’ve been streaming Tidal on Naim equipment for years. I would expect Tidal would be more, not less reliable over time. On the other hand, constant iOS upgrades…
Above my pay grade however.

Have you updated the streamer firmware? The later versions included some Tidal updates.

4.4 I believe, last updated July 2019

Indeed. It isn’t without quirks but having used it on multiple devices (mostly Android but also iOS) both ancient and new, I can only conclude most of the issues are network related for others.

I recently switched to other apps for non Naim systems and it was an eye opener. Compared to things like Audirvana, the Naim app is fast, responsive and reliable.

I found that moving wifi to 5Ghz only and switching off the 2.4Ghz band massively increased the responsiveness too.

Then you should update it to 4.7

I’ll give it a go

I mentioned earlier that I haven’t had any problems with my NDS, but possibly it’s partly due to my 1 Gbps download speed, and all-wired Network. I really don’t know.
@Simon-in-Suffolk was saying that speed and bandwidth have no real affect on SQ, but it may help with the connectivity.
The 1 Gbps service cost me $110 cad per month, but I use it for a lot more than just streaming music. All our TV is streamed as well.
Also my NDS firmware is 4.7.

From a similar thread - with similar pain (and frustration)…

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