The Naim Forum Album of the Year 2023 - The Poll!

Thanks to everyone who posted their albums of the year on the thread I set up - now comes the time to crown the winner with a poll. For those of you who believe that picking any single piece of art ( be it book, film, album etc) as the ‘best’ is ridiculous and pointless - this thread is not for you.
If you recall, the 2022 winner was Jack White’s ‘Entering Heaven Alive’. There are 12 contenders this year which I have selected by counting the number of mentions in the thread. There were 12 albums with 5 or more mentions which is rather convenient. Excessive use or lack of use of the upper case is entirely down to the artistes so please don’t correct me. One vote per member and the winner will be announced on January 1st. So come on pop pickers - get voting!

  • boygenius - the record
  • Everything But The Girl - Fuse
  • Blur - The Ballad of Darren
  • The Third Mind - The Third Mind 2
  • Slowdive - everything is alive
  • Rolling Stones - Hackney Diamonds
  • Peter Gabriel - i/o
  • Galen & Paul - Uno Mas
  • Jamie Branch - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die
  • Natalie Merchant - Keep Your Courage
  • Christine and the Queens - PARANOIA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE
  • Gorillaz - Cracker Island

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I must need my glasses.

Poll failed to load - now loaded

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Thanks everyone - keep voting!

Shouldn’t the Galen & Paul album be, Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day? This was there only album released in 2023. Uno Mas was a 4 track streaming only EP.

You’re absolutely right - I will amend

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I forgot to post, but I’m sure my tastes are too eccentric anyway. Riverside had a few mentions, so I would have given that a bump. Anyway, nice poll.

It did but didn’t make 5 mentions - sorry!

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I can’t amend after 5 mins it seems - apologies!

Just keeping thread visible :roll_eyes:

Thank you @crispyduck for the good work.


A pleasure!

Nothing grabbing me on that list as AOTY Mr Duck but a big thank you for all your work in setting up the original album thread and poll - it was all really very interesting - take a bow young man!!



Thankyou for your efforts @crispyduck , some twixmas listening in order before deciding


That’s very kind of you - Merry Xmas!


Great idea…

None of them

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Thanks for that - really appreciate it

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Have the Branch on my Christmas list so it’s my pick. No interest in the rest but that’s democracy.

Well done for taking on the job of compiling.

Now it’s up to you Santa. Make my day.

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No Cattle Decapitation - no vote. :zipper_mouth_face: